Turkey’s Wool Yarn Exports

Nurettin Kelem, President of the Demirci Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stated, “If one of our target markets reduces wool carpet manufacturing, another grows it, and we concentrate our efforts there. We use these advantages very well.” said. Turkey generated 42 million 631 thousand dollars from wool yarn exports last year, most of which were used in the carpet business.

According to figures obtained by the AA reporter from the Aegean Exporters’ Association, Turkey shipped 31 million 73 thousand dollars worth of wool yarn to 85 countries in 2020. Turkey increased its export revenue from wool yarn to 42 million 631 thousand dollars last year, up 37 percent from the previous year, by exporting it to 87 countries.

Germany ranked first on the list of countries with the greatest exports, with 8.2 million dollars. This country was followed by the United Kingdom, which received 5.6 million dollars, the United States, which received 4.8 million dollars, Denmark, which received 4.7 million dollars, and Norway, which received 2.9 million dollars. “We established a factory here to increase our production capacity and to leave Demirci and be close to main roads and customs. We have 33 thousand acres and have closed 7 thousand square meters of it. There are 100 jobs currently. We will employ 100 more people in 1 year.” “We developed a facility here to improve our manufacturing capacity while also leaving Demirci and being close to major roads and customs. Our land area is 33 thousand acres, and we have closed 7 thousand square meters of it. There are currently 100 available positions. In one year, we will hire 100 more workers.”

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