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Artichoke, also known as globe artichoke or French artichoke, is a large plant of the aster family grown for its edible flower buds. The part known as the heart of an artichoke is a culinary delicacy. The artichoke’s flavour is delicate and nutlike, and the smaller heads, or buds, are usually the most tender. Artichoke heads are served as a hot vegetable with a sauce or as a cold salad or appetizer. Artichoke is native to the Mediterranean region. Fresh artichoke is most commonly found between the months of February and June or September and December, when the plant is in season. 


Benefits of Artichoke

Having high levels of antioxidants, artichoke is known as a superfood. It helps regulation of blood pressure thanks to its high level of potassium, lowers cholesterol and is good for liver health. Signs of a fresh artichoke are tight, compact leaves and heaviness while a spongy soft feel when squeezed and loose leaves are signs of a bad artichoke. Heart, choke and inner stem parts of an artichoke are edible while inner and outer leaves of it are inedible. One of the top 10 global artichoke producers in the world, Turkey produced a total of 40 thousand tons of artichokes in 2020. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute data, 35 % of total production took place in Aegean city İzmir.

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Min. Purc. Amt.

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