A Comprehensive Guide to the Textile Centers of Türkiye

The textile industry is a broad industry that encompasses the production and sale of fabrics that people use for clothing, home textiles, and industrial purposes. This industry is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide and has an important place in history. The first weaving machines were invented in England in the late 18th century. Industrial production methods enabled the textile industry to grow rapidly. Today, the textile industry is constantly evolving, increasing its future growth potential by focusing on issues such as sustainability, digitalization, innovative materials, and supply chain management.

Türkiye is an important textile producer and exporter worldwide. The textile sector has an important place in the country’s economy and many companies in Türkiye operate in domestic and international markets. Among the products produced by Türkiye in the textile sector, there are various products. They include clothing, home textiles, carpets, rugs, and bags. In addition to natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk, artificial fibers are also widely used. Türkiye’s textile industry is in an important position throughout the world due to its high quality and competitive prices.

The Turkish textile industry is highly developed and has a respected position in the world. The leading cities among Türkiye’s textile centers are Istanbul, Bursa, Denizli, Gaziantep, and Kahramanmaraş. These cities have achieved significant success in textile production and export for years.

Textile Leaders of Türkiye

The contribution of each city is of great importance for Turkey to become a world-renowned manufacturer and exporter in the textile industry.


As Türkiye’s largest and most important city, Istanbul is not only a leader in the textile industry but also plays an important role in the country’s textile exports. Textile factories in Istanbul produce high-quality fabrics, ready-made clothing, and home textile products, and most of them are for export.

The importance of Istanbul in textile exports has been increasing in recent years. Textile products are exported to many regions of the world, especially to European and Middle Eastern countries. There are many textile companies operating in Istanbul producing high-quality products and offering competitive prices. Hence, the export figures are increasing every year. In addition, the innovative approaches of textile manufacturers in Istanbul and their ability to adapt to fashion trends increase their export potential. For this reason, Istanbul’s textile sector has an important position both within the country and around the world.


Bursa is an important textile center located in the northwest of Türkiye. It is known especially for its cotton fabric, towel, and woven products production. The city offers high-quality and environmentally friendly products to its customers around the world. The textile industry in Bursa produces using modern technologies and draws attention with its creative designs.

Textile factories in Bursa gain the appreciation of their customers by giving importance to the quality of materials and mastery of workmanship. The city aims to offer innovative products to its customers by closely following the fashion trends around the world. Bursa’s success in the textile sector stands out with its creative designs as well as its production capacity. It also has become a preferred center throughout the world.


Denizli is a city located in the southwest of Turkey and is an important place in the textile sector. The city produces high-quality towels, bathrobes, bed linens, and duvet covers using modern technologies. These products are exported to customers around the world. Denizli’s textile products are known for their excellent quality and durability.

The textile factories in Denizli are developing products that meet the needs of their customers for export. As a result, products such as towels and bathrobes are popular in the markets of Europe, America, and the Middle East. Bed linens and duvet covers are more popular in the European market. Additionally, the factories take care of packaging and logistics to provide the best service to their customers. Denizli’s success in the textile sector continues by developing products for export markets, meeting the needs of its customers, and providing the best service possible.


Gaziantep is a city located in the southeast of Turkey and is one of the country’s largest centers for carpet production. The textile factories in Gaziantep specialize in producing high-quality carpets and kilims, which are exported to customers worldwide. Gaziantep’s carpets and kilims are known for their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and durability.

In addition to its carpet industry, Gaziantep is also an important center for ready-to-wear clothing and particularly for the lingerie sector. The textile factories in Gaziantep are focused on developing products that meet the needs of their export customers. The factories use modern technologies and high-quality materials to produce lingerie that is both comfortable and fashionable. The lingerie products from Gaziantep are popular in the markets of Europe, America, and the Middle East. The success of Gaziantep’s textile industry is due to its focus on meeting the needs of its export customers. It is also due to producing high-quality products that meet international standards.


Kahramanmaraş, a city located in the southeast of Turkey, is a leading center for yarn production, particularly in high-quality yarns. The yarn factories operating in Kahramanmaraş produce a wide range of high-quality yarns that meet the demands of both domestic and international markets. The city’s strategic location and skilled workforce make it an ideal hub for the textile industry.

In addition to yarn production, Kahramanmaraş has a thriving ready-to-wear clothing sector, which includes the production of knitted fabrics. The city’s knitted fabric factories are known for their high-quality and diverse range of products, including t-shirts, socks, and sportswear. These products are not only popular in the domestic market but also in the international market, where they are exported to various countries worldwide. The city’s success in the textile industry is driven by its commitment to producing high-quality products and its ability to adapt to the changing demands of the global market.

Turkey’s Position in Textile Exports

Turkey’s textile industry stands out as one of the country’s most important export items. The data show that the industry exports to 197 countries and regions in 2022. It has a share of 4.1% in the country’s total exports. In this way, it can be said that the sector made a significant contribution to economic growth and strengthened Turkey’s position in the world textile market.

Moreover, in January-December 2022, 4 billion 322 million dollars of the sector’s exports of 10.4 billion dollars were realized from Istanbul. 1.7 billion dollars were realized from Gaziantep and 1.3 billion dollars from Bursa.

According to the data provided, it is clear that Istanbul, Gaziantep, and Bursa are the leading provinces in Turkey’s textile exports. They contribute significantly to the country’s total export figures. The success of the sector in reaching more than 170 countries worldwide in one month reveals its importance and potential for growth in the future.

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