Best Products to Import from Turkey to the UK

The export market is growing with each passing year, with the advancement of technologies and the improvement of global communication. The supply-demand balance also affects changes in the export and import data.

Turkey exports a wide range of goods to all countries. The United Kingdom is one of the most significant nations in long-standing export deals. The export and import of goods between the United Kingdom and Turkey deepen their cordial relations.

Why does the UK need products from Turkey even though it is a large and highly developed country? This question has always been on everyone’s mind. Not only the United Kingdom, but all developed countries in the world demand Turkish products. Extensive Turkish products, both in quality and variety, are also attracting the UK.

Which products does the UK import from Turkey? Many products were exported to the UK on a sectoral basis, according to the export data released on a group basis. In terms of Turkey’s overall export figures, the growth in export rates to the United Kingdom, particularly in the years 2021–2022, is significant.

Turkey generated 3 billion 57 million 155 thousand dollars in exports to the United Kingdom in the first quarter of 2022. Exports to the UK climbed by 12.2 percent from the previous year. These numbers suggest that in the upcoming years, there will be changes in the diversity of products and an increase in exports.

The product groups that the UK imports the most from Turkey can be listed as follows:


Turkey is one of the important countries in the automotive sector in terms of both workforce and production. It is the 4th country in the production of the automotive industry in Europe. The automotive sector items are at the top of the list of goods that the UK imports from Turkey on a sectoral basis. The Turkish automobile sector earned 812.6 million dollars from the United Kingdom in the first quarter of 2022.

Motor Land Vehicles

Turkey is one of the important countries in the production of motor vehicles. Similarly, Turkey is a major source of automobile imports for the UK. Vehicles having the highest ratio among the goods imported from Turkey include cars, minibusses, and midibuses. Both semi-diesel and diesel vehicles are imported by the UK.


Turkey’s textile and clothing industry is in demand from the United Kingdom because of the country’s reputation as a textile producer. Turkey offers a wide variety of goods and exports a variety of textile goods to the UK. It offers a diverse market for everything from yarns to fabrics, from shirts to dresses, to distribute its high-quality goods throughout the world. Especially in the field of ready-made clothing, the United Kingdom was listed as the 3rd country to which Turkey exports the most, according to 2022 data.


When we look through the textile and raw material set, the first thing that catches the eye is the fabrics. Turkey is an important fabric supplier to the UK. Turkey has long been nationally known for its textiles due to the location of its cities on the Silk Road route. Silk is among the popular products imported by England from Turkey.

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are the most exported garments of the textile group to the United Kingdom. Offering a comprehensive market from booties to overalls, from dresses to t-shirts, Turkey draws attention, especially with anti-allergic products. Useful baby products, which are suitable for the sensitive skin of babies, are also popular in the UK.

Women’s / Men’s Clothing

Turkey, which started a new era in adult clothing with its color scale and variety of models, is also the country preferred by the United Kingdom for imports. For both underwear and outerwear, the UK imports most of its products from Turkey.

Electrical Devices

Turkey is a manufacturing powerhouse that leads the world in both the manufacture and export of electrical goods. Turkey is a source of electrical equipment imports for the UK. It considers the market for the raw materials used in the production of those gadgets as well as the device itself. Everything from batteries to insulated cables is a favorite in the UK.


In particular, all kinds of motors, from industrial motors to small tool motors, are among the products imported by the UK.


The mines of Turkey are accepted as the homeland of world-renowned precious stones. The increasing interest in natural stone, especially in the last five years, has also affected the export and import sectors between countries. The UK imports many products in the precious stones category from Turkey. Natural stones to be used for jewelry are among the products that the United Kingdom demands from Turkey. The United Kingdom also imports especially natural stones in raw form. Some of the most imported natural stones are as follows:

  • Gold
  • Jasper
  • Obsidian
  • Limestone


Another group is metal and metal group products. It can be considered as another group that the United Kingdom imports from Turkey. It imports chrome, copper, zinc, and many other products from Turkey and uses them in the production industry. But, especially as Turkey is at the forefront of exporting copper and aluminum products, the United Kingdom has imported these products the most.

Feel Confidence in Turkish Goods

Turkey exports many product groups to the United Kingdom with its quality and reliable products. However, people who want to import products to the UK have many problems with reliable suppliers. For this reason, insecurity in the export and import market affects purchasing. The import and export market is an area that needs to be carefully considered, from product quality to transportation.

For this reason, Turkish Goods, which adopts trust and care as a principle at every stage, is also the choice of the United Kingdom. Turkish Goods is a reliable brand that acts as a bridge between suppliers and buyers. You can import all kinds of products from the automotive sector to metals with the assurance of Turkish Goods. 

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