Best Textile and Apparel Exporting Countries in the World

Textile products and apparel are processed vegetable fibers that people have used for thousands of years depending on environmental conditions and cultural and economic changes. Depending on globalization and changes in the fashion industry all over the world, the choice of traditional clothing has changed greatly. There has been an increase in the frequency of changing clothes because both women and men follow the fashion trends and apparel sector more. Moreover, the sudden seasonal transitions force people to buy new clothes according to weather conditions. Even social media triggers people to show their new clothes. 

While people are now buying more clothes than before, the variety of brands and products is also increasing. For exactly these reasons, countries that diversified their production took a step forward in the textile and apparel industry. Turkey, a market competitor to Asian countries that stand out in world textile and clothing exports, especially since the 1980s, increases sectoral competition. So, which are the countries that export the most textile and clothing in the world, and what are the current situations of these countries?

The History of Textile

The word textile is derived from the Latin word “texere ” and means knitted fabric, fiber. Depending on environmental conditions and migration, the need for clothing has begun. Especially since the 20th century, with the use of dyestuffs in fabrics, modern textile and clothing technology has become increasingly widespread. People used animal skin as the first clothes, and then they produced clothes by using reeds and various grasses and producing straw weaves. Weaving activities, which first started in Anatolia, China, and India, started as wicker knitting and basketry. 

With the use of silk spinning and animal wool starting from 4000 BC, fabric production is seen especially in China and Anatolia. The historical silk road is the most concrete example of this production and trade. In the Middle Ages, textile products created by using linen and cotton became more common. Especially in the industrial revolution that started in England in the 18th century, textile has been the most influential sector with steam power. Mainly with the cotton brought from colonized India, England directed world trade. 

After the Second World War, the textile industry, which is more related to fashion, has become widespread in the world. Countries such as India, China, Vietnam, and Turkey have come to the fore with the redirection of production to the Asian continent.

Which Countries Dominate the World with Textile and Apparel Exports?

The global value of the textile industry, which was 920 billion dollars in 2018, is expected to reach 1,230 billion dollars by 2024. It is expected that the textile industry will be used more in other areas such as automotive, interior, and exterior decoration, especially with the use of non-woven fabrics and yarns. In other words, the textile and apparel sector will continue to develop by keeping up with new technologies. So, which are the countries that export the most textiles by increasing their production in the world? Let’s get detailed information by examining these countries one by one.


Turkey became one of the countries that made an attack, especially with the decrease in production in China and India due to the covid 19 epidemic. In 2020, the Turkish ready-made clothing industry ranked higher in the export ranking due to both its successful performance and the reduction of production by its competitors. Despite the 25 percent decline in exports in India, Turkey shrank by a limited rate of 3.1 percent, but changed its place in the ranking and rose to 4th place.

Especially the European Union countries’ orientation towards Turkey as it is a close market has increased Turkey’s exports. Following that Most of Turkey’s exports in 2021 were made to European Union countries. In the January-April 2021 period, exports to Europe alone increased by 20.1% compared to the previous year and reached 3.4 billion dollars.

 Turkey exports to approximately 190 countries in the textile and ready-made clothing sector. In the January-August period, the countries with the highest textile exports were Italy with an increase of 56 percent, Germany with an increase of 20 percent, and the USA with an increase of 51 percent. Turkey realized exports worth 11.8 billion dollars in the last 12 months on a sectoral basis. Together with the ready-made clothing industry, export of approximately 18.6 billion dollars was made at the end of the year.

In recent years, Turkey has increased its textile exports to countries and regions such as the Middle East, Russia, and Ukraine, especially to expand its market share. Especially the clothing stores opened in the Middle East and Asian countries increased the demand for Turkish textile and ready-made clothing products in these countries. Turkey has extremely diverse and internationally branded textile products, especially in women’s, men’s, children’s clothing, and silk fabric trade.


There are two types of textile industries in India. The first is more traditional and small-scale production facilities based on handicrafts, while the others are modern production types based on ready-made clothing. Due to the chaotic situation caused by the Covid-19 epidemic in India, there has been a decrease in textile exports. Being geographically far from Europe and the USA, India, which is preferred due to its relatively cheap labor force and cost, directed these countries towards Turkey. India, the world’s 5th largest textile exporter, exported $12.27 billion from April 2020 to March 2021. About 50% of India’s exports are to European Union countries.


Vietnam recorded the biggest increase since 2020. According to World Trade Organization data, Vietnam’s global share was 6.20% in 2019, while this rate increased to 6.40% in 2020. Vietnam, which remained behind Bangladesh until 2020, surpassed Bangladesh with this value. Vietnam exported a total of 29 billion dollars of textile and apparel in 2020. In this period, Asian countries, which were less affected by the covid-19 epidemic, took an advantageous position.


China is the world’s largest textile producer and exporter with its manpower, cheap cost, and advanced textile raw material production. Thanks to chemical fiber production, China is a country that can make mass production and produces cheap products. Despite the pandemic, China increased its global market share from 30.80% in 2019 to 31.60% in 2020. In 2021, an increase of 8.4% occurred in China’s exports compared to the previous year. From January-April 2022, China made a total of US$ 95.84 billion in exports, an increase of 8.65 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

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