Leading Countries in Cherry Exports in the World

The cherry has been around for centuries and was first cultivated by the Romans, who used them to make their wine more palatable. Today the cherry, for the majority of people, is one of the most essential fruits of the summer season. With the exception of a few varieties of cherries used in industry, almost all cherries are eaten fresh, and this makes them an easy, healthy, and refreshing snack in the hot summer months. Cherries are used in desserts, juices, jams, and even in dishes made with red meat.

Cherries are rich in vitamin C, calcium, and iron, which can strengthen your immune system and reduce cholesterol levels. They also contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6 as well as potassium. In addition to these nutrients, cherries also contain antioxidants that help maintain good health. All of these reasons make cherries quite popular and in demand for importation from other countries. In fact, cherry export is a growing industry all over the world today. Cherry exports have grown by over 200% in the last ten years. It’s an important industry that benefits the world in many ways. 

Producing Cherries

The cherry production industry is a major agricultural industry, and the industry has been experiencing steady growth in recent years. There are various factors that contribute to the growth of the cherry production industry. These include improved technology, improved marketing techniques, and increased awareness about the benefits of cherries. Cherry production is an agricultural process that includes the cultivation of cherries and the harvesting, storage, and transportation of cherries. 

Today, cherry production is done all around the world. Cherry trees grow in many different regions, but they are most abundant in temperate climates. The rate of cherry production depends on the type of cherry tree that is being cultivated. The most common types are sour cherries and sweet cherries. Sour cherries produce more fruit than sweet cherries because they grow faster. Cherry is one of the plants that require careful care. The cherry fruit, which has a very deep-rooted history, is harvested from April to July and the peak production season is June.

Moreover, all of this hard work makes importing cherries from other countries a profitable and significant thing that needs to be taken seriously. There are various countries that produce and export the highest amount of cherries to the world, and here are some of them! 


With an annual production of about 156 tons of cherries, Chile is the fourth-largest producer of cherries in the world. However, due to strong demand from China, Chile is the world’s largest exporter of cherries. In the 2020-2021 season, Chile exported more than $2 billion worth of cherries to the world, and about $1.5 billion of them were to China. Hong Kong followed China with $799.62 million. It is estimated that Chilean cherry production will increase by 11.5% in the 2021/2022 season. Consequently, export rates are also expected to increase.

The United States

With exports valued at about $479 million, the United States is the second-largest exporting country for cherries in the world. The majority of exports do not go to a single country; rather, the United States has multiple buyers for cherries. With $146 million worth of imports, Canada is the largest buyer, followed by South Korea at $118 million and finally, China at $57 million. It is no surprise that the United States is the second-largest exporter, as it is also the second-largest producer of cherries in the world. The United States produces about 312 tons of cherries per year.


Turkey produces about 640 tons of cherries per year, making it by far the largest cherry producer in the world. This is due to the 210,000 hectares of land in the Şehzadeler district of Manisa and the Kemalpaşa district of İzmir, which are the oldest cherry-growing areas in Turkey. A large part of these cherries is exported, as Turkey is the third-largest country in exporting cherries. In the 2020/2021 season, Turkey exported $225.5 million worth of cherries. Germany is Turkey’s largest customer with imports worth $90.64 million. With imports worth $51.78 million, Russia follows Germany and finally, Austria with imports worth $13.6 million. 

Turkish cherries have reached 62 different countries as Turkey is the largest producer and produces high-quality fruit. With one of the largest supplier databases in Turkey, Turkish Goods is an unrivaled service provider for solution partners who want to import products from Turkey. If you want to import the delicious top-quality cherries in a safe and easy way, you can contact us now and get a price within 48 hours!


With 90 tons of cherries per year, Greece is the eighth largest producer of cherries in the world. It is also the fourth-largest exporter. In the last two years, Greece has increased its cherry production through more acreage and initiatives. In the 2020/2021 season, Greece exported $75.1 million worth of cherries, up 64.43% from the previous year. Germany was also Greece’s largest buyer, with imports worth $23.96 million. Italy was the second-largest buyer of cherries from Greece, with imports worth $12.19 million. Italy was followed by the Netherlands with imports worth $9.74 million and Poland with imports worth $4.86 million.


Lastly, with exports worth about $65 million in the 2020/2021 season, Spain is the fifth-largest exporter of cherries in the world. Though export rates for the country have decreased by about 30% compared to the previous year, it still holds its place. Spain produces about 107 tons of cherries per year, making it the seventh-largest producer in the world. With exports worth $17.39 million, the United States was Spain’s biggest buyer. The United States was followed by Germany with $10.91 million, Italy with $8.39 million, and France with $7.76 million in cherry imports.

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