Leading Countries in Cucumber Exports in the World

There is a sizable market for cucumbers all over the world, which is said to have been discovered for the first time in North India. In practically every culture, cucumbers are consumed and are preferred as a food source. As a result, it is crucial to the export and import industries.

Cucumber export has a very wide trade network. Thanks to this active trade network, countries concentrate on cucumber production.

Cucumber Production and Benefits

The cucumber, which is a summer vegetable, does not like cold weather. Air temperatures below 10 degrees affect the quality of the vegetable quite a lot. The amount of water in the cucumber and its taste may deteriorate. For this reason, it is grown in special greenhouses in areas where production cannot be made.

Producing cucumbers is more prevalent in regions with a Mediterranean environment. Cucumber is a popular vegetable, hence specialized greenhouses and locations are frequently employed for production.

The reason why so much importance is given to the production of cucumber is related to the benefits of cucumber. It has an important place in import and export since it has many benefits and no harm. The benefits of this excellent vegetable can be listed as follows.

  • Cucumbers are composed of a lot of water.
  • It is low in fat and calories, or even negligible.
  • Cucumber is a storehouse of vitamins C and K.
  • It protects against cancer as it has powerful antioxidants.
  • It helps to get rid of edema as it has a diuretic effect.
  • The minerals in cucumber are good for the skin.
  • It relieves headaches.
  • Since it contains a high amount of fiber and water, it prevents and weakens constipation.
  • It provides relief for stomach ailments.

In addition to all these benefits, the cucumber is the protagonist of many salads and appetizers with its wonderful taste.

What is the place of cucumber, which has a perfect fresh taste, in the world market? Which countries are leading in cucumber export?

Cucumber’s Journey Around the World

Although it is thought that the starting point of cucumbers in the world is North India, it now reaches all parts of the world. The journey of cucumbers on the bridge between export and import is based on a very wide route.

There may be variations in the export values of cucumbers every month over a year, depending on the production and export balances. China, Spain, and India play a significant role in these changes. Sales are not usually the basis for the balance of production and exports. Depending on the consumption amount of the country’s production, there may be a change. For instance, China has produced the most cucumbers in terms of tonnes in 2020. China, however, does not rank among the top six nations when measured by exports.

The countries that made a name for themselves in the export of cucumbers in 2020 can be listed as follows:


Spain has been at the top of the list of countries that export the most cucumbers for many years. Especially in 2020, its exports of 750 million dollars broke a record. Thus, Spain ranked first in the list of cucumber export leaders in 2020.

Spain plays a significant role in agriculture because of its climate, even though some of its regions are in danger of becoming deserts. The first regions in Spain to produce cucumbers are Almera and Granada. These areas provide 90 percent of Spain’s total cucumber crop.

Although Spain is among the countries that export the most cucumbers, India is pushing Spain’s record in this regard in 2022.


Mexico ranks second in the list of countries that earn the most in cucumber exports. In 2020, it exported 618 million dollars of cucumber.

Cucumbers, which are grown more frequently in Southeast Mexico, are carefully collected and packaged. Although it is grown especially for export, the price per product is low because the production is high.


The Netherlands, which is in the top three in cucumber exports in 2020, has an income of 525 million dollars.

The Netherlands has made a name for itself in agricultural production with modern agricultural methods. It is important in production with its special greenhouses, irrigation methods, and many more technologically advanced planting systems. 

These modern farming systems also play an important role in the production and export of fresh cucumbers. In particular, Bergschenhoek greenhouses are famous for cucumbers.


Canada ranks fourth on the list, with $325 million in revenue from cucumber exports.

One of the nations with the coldest climates is Canada. This export rate might appear odd given that cucumber is not a vegetable that does well in cold climates. However, Canada possesses several cutting-edge technologies just like the Netherlands. Additionally, it has unique heating systems with techniques in the cultivation zones.


Turkey ranks fifth on this list with $53.1 million. One of the nations with a significant impact on cucumber exports is Turkey. It exports goods, particularly those that are distinctive to each region of Turkey, to America and Asian nations.

Cucumbers’ production is important in practically all of Turkey’s provinces since they can be grown there. More cucumbers are grown in the provinces of Central Anatolia because this region produces the most cucumbers in Turkey. But Istanbul’s Çengelköy cucumbers are equally well-known. This particular variety of cucumber, which thrives primarily in July and June, has a tough and crunchy exterior. 

Since May-June is the growing season of cucumbers in Turkey, exports increase more in these intervals.

Do Not Worry About Import and Export Processes

Cucumber production, export, and import have an important place in the world market. States that attach importance to production support the manufacturer and also support exports.

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