Leading Countries in Pumpkin Exports in the World

Pumpkin, a plant belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family, is a fibrous fruit. This fruit, whose homeland is North America, is suitable to be grown all over the world. Since it is used in many desserts and dishes, its production and export are also high.

Pumpkin, which started to be grown in North America, has a 5000-year history. When it was first produced, its consumption area was very narrow. However, in the following years, its market expanded and its production increased along with trade. The People’s Republic of China has been the country that both produces and consumes the most pumpkin for many years. It is highly preferred because it is a plant that is very easy to care for and offers a lot of production space. When suitable conditions are provided, yields can be obtained for many years.

Pumpkin, which has an important place in the world market, has producers from all seven continents. What is the export area as well as the production area of the pumpkin, which has been the protagonist of the kitchen industry in recent years? Which countries lead the world in pumpkin export?


The pumpkin, which attracts attention with its colorful appearance, has also become the apple of the eye of Spain. Spain, which has increased its production especially since the 1900s, became the country that exports the most pumpkin in 2021. The country, where many varieties are grown, earned $542 million from pumpkin exports. Spain met 34.9% of the pumpkin exported in the world market in total.

It is estimated that Spain will take first place in 2022. Spain has a great interest in orange pumpkins, which are also used in the decoration industry.


The earliest pumpkin seeds ever discovered were discovered by researchers working on a tomb excavation in central Mexico, and they date to 7000 BC. Botanically classified as a fruit rather than a vegetable, pumpkin has been cultivated in the Tehuacan and Oaxaca valleys and Tamaulipas since 6000-5000 BC. The 2021 statistics, also emphasized the variety of its past experiences with the Mexican pumpkin. Mexico exported pumpkins for $394.1 million, more than enough to cover domestic consumption.

According to Mexican producers, both production and exports are expected to double in 2022.


With its fertile lands, the Netherlands, which is becoming more and more prominent in agriculture, experiences the same enthusiasm for pumpkins. Especially Netherlands pumpkins, which are the subject of world news with the pumpkins they produce over 150 kilos, are also expanding in terms of their production network. According to 2021 data, the Netherlands generated $69.6 million in pumpkin exports. Thanks to their large planting areas, they export the pumpkins they produce in huge sizes, as well as the very tasty normal-size pumpkins.

Bringing new hopes to each season, the Netherlands has targets to develop its production and export networks in 2022 as well.


Many vegetables and fruits are produced in Turkey’s fertile soil. Turkey, which ranks fourth in pumpkin export, is gradually increasing its target in pumpkin production. Although the production is less compared to other countries, the fact that it can be included in the export list also reveals how high quality the pumpkin is. Turkey, which ranks fourth in the list according to 2021 data, exported $69.1 million.

Increasing its production by 34.5% compared to previous years, Turkey aims to be on the list of pumpkin exports in 2022.

United States

The pumpkin, the symbol of Halloween, is produced in many states of the United States. Illinois, in particular, tops the list in pumpkin production. In the United States, the priority is the use of pumpkins for decoration or carving. For this reason, less watery pumpkin production is available. Decoration-oriented exports are also carried out to other countries. The United States generated $57.6 million in revenue from pumpkin exports in 2021.

The United States, which wants to expand its scope on pumpkin production as the kitchen sector in 2022, ranks fifth on the list.

The Place of Pumpkin in the World Market

Pumpkin has great importance in the world trade market. Pumpkins, which can be used in a wide variety of ways, continue to be produced in many places around the world.


The color orange, which is also described as the symbol of autumn, perhaps suits the pumpkin the most. One of the protagonists of special days such as Halloween and Harvest Celebrations is a pumpkin. It is exhibited as the head of decoration by carving and lighting. For this reason, both production and export are very common.

Culinary Culture

There is always a need for different tastes in culinary culture. Pumpkin, which is used in desserts, sauces, and even drinks, is used in many different varieties. Pumpkin, whose flavor can be adapted to almost any taste, is one of the main products of the kitchen industry.

Dried Vitamin

Dried fruits are very popular lately. The new dried product that helps diets and dessert decorations is dried pumpkin. Pumpkins, which are sliced and dried in thin strips or dried in cubes, are exported to other countries. Especially countries that cannot reach dried pumpkins due to climatic conditions import dried pumpkins from many countries, especially Turkey.

From small to large, from fresh to dried, pumpkin has an important place in the world. The market framework of pumpkin, which is consumed for many purposes and in many varieties, is expanding.

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