Leading Countries in Tangerine Exports in the World

Tangerine is a type of fruit belonging to the Citrus family. The fruit, which is orange and yellow, has a juicy and fleshy structure. There are many varieties of tangerine suitable for growing in different climates. Among the most well-known tangerine varieties are clementine, satsuma, king, dancy mandarin, and honey murcott. Tangerine is a winter fruit and is consumed between October and June months.

Especially in the winter months, tangerine is one of the most consumed fruit varieties. According to the current data from the United States Department of Agriculture, tangerine production worldwide in the 2021/2022 season is 37,933 million tons. Turkey, China, South Africa, Morocco, and the EU countries are among the leading countries in the production and export of tangerines. In this article, detailed information will be given about the leading countries in tangerine export.

Growing Conditions of Tangerine 

Mandarin, like other citrus varieties, is suitable for growing in temperate climates. Mandarin, which grows in the warm and temperate climates of the Mediterranean climate, is a heat-loving fruit variety. Some tangerine varieties grow in cold climates as they are resistant to cold weather. However, where tangerines are grown, the temperature should not fall below -4 degrees Celsius. At temperatures below -9 degrees Celsius, tangerine trees can freeze, causing the plant to die. Also, it is not suitable to grow tangerines at temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius and above.

Precious Fruit of the Winter Months: Tangerine

Mandarin is a precious fruit of the winter months with significant benefits. The fruit is literally a perfect source of vitamin C. In winter, it is essential to consume vitamin C against diseases and to keep the immune system strong. Vitamin C not only strengthens the immune system but also contributes to the support of collagen production in the body. The body’s production of collagen is important for skin health.

In addition to its benefits, it is also a good choice for a delicious winter dessert. Countless desserts can be made with tangerines. Besides, it is a healthy meal alternative when consumed as a refreshment. Thanks to its fibrous structure, tangerine also provides a feeling of satiety.

Top Tangerine Exporting Countries

It is estimated that tangerine production worldwide will increase by 2 million tons compared to the previous year. It is expected to reach approximately 37.2 million in the 2021/22 season. Top tangerine exporters include Turkey, China, EU countries, Morocco, and South Africa. While Turkey ranked first in tangerine exports in 2021, Russia was the country that imported the most tangerines.


Turkey is a country with rich climate diversity and fertile soils. It is among the leading countries in the world in terms of citrus production and export. According to the data of TUIK Herbal Production Statistics, it produced 1 million 819 thousand tons of tangerines in 2021. The most produced tangerine species are satsuma, clementine, and king, respectively. The region with the highest tangerine production is the Mediterranean with 84%. The Aegean region follows the Mediterranean at 14%. The first three provinces in Turkey where tangerines are grown the most are Antalya, Adana, and Mersin, respectively.

According to the current data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Turkey exported 1.9 million tons of citrus fruits in 2021. Besides, tangerines constituted 45% of this production. In 2021, Turkey-origin tangerines were exported to 72 countries. While the foreign exchange income from tangerines was 437 million dollars in 2020, it increased by 4% in 2021 and reached 453 million dollars. The most exported type of tangerine, satsuma, constituted 40% of the foreign sales with 140 million dollars.

Furthermore, Russia was the top country to which Turkey exported the most tangerines. In 2021, 266 million dollars’ worth of tangerines were exported to Russia. Ukraine ranked second, with Turkey exporting $58 million worth of tangerines. Finally, Iraq ranked third with 32.5 million dollars.


The origin of tangerine is China. Therefore, China is a rich country in tangerine production. In the 2021-2022 season, China met 74% of the world’s tangerine production. Additionally, 72% of the world’s tangerine planting areas are located in China. Due to the favorable weather conditions expected in China in 2022, tangerine production is expected to be more efficient.

According to USDA estimates, 27 million tons of tangerine production is expected in China in 2022. In 2021, China exported 664,000 tons of tangerines. Also, the countries to which China exports the most tangerines are the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Morocco is a Mediterranean country where the Mediterranean climate is evident. Therefore, citrus production and export are high in the country. Morocco is the world’s third-largest tangerine exporter. In 2021, Morocco exported 1.17 million tons of tangerines. The largest export markets of Morocco are the EU, Russia, and the USA.

South Africa

South Africa is among the leading countries in the world in terms of tangerine production and export. The country produced 567,000 tons of tangerines in the 2020/2021 season. The production is expected to increase to 630,000 tons in the 2021/22 season.

Moreover, South Africa exported 490,000 tons of tangerines in the 2020/21 season. In the 2021/22 season, exports are expected to increase by 12% and reach 550.00 tons. One of the main reasons for the increase in tangerine exports is high demand for vitamin C due to Covid-19. The countries that demand the most tangerines from South Africa are the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the USA, respectively.

EU Countries

Among EU countries, tangerines are produced and exported in Greece, Spain, and Italy, where the temperate and Mediterranean climate is observed. However, a decrease was observed in tangerine production due to adverse weather conditions in Spain in the 2020/21 season. Besides, tangerine production in Italy is on the rise and is trying to make up for Spain’s deficiency. 

Moreover, it is expected that tangerine production in EU countries will decrease to 3.2 million tons in the 2021/22 season. Therefore, EU countries are expected to import tangerines in the next season. The EU’s largest tangerine market is Morocco, South Africa, and Turkey.

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