Tips for A Good Stock Management

Stock management is crucial for companies engaging in retail, wholesale, and manufacturing. It may also appear under the names of stock/inventory control or inventory management. The smooth functioning of the trade and the company depends on the success of stock management. No company operating in the world of commerce should ignore stock management. Otherwise, it will not be possible to drum up the business after a point. When stock management is good, it brings many advantages. Efficiency in warehouses, customer satisfaction, and regularity of stocks are among these advantages. So, how to make good stock management? Let’s take a closer look!

What is Stock Management?

Stock management refers to how a company keeps track of the products it intends to sell. It includes ordering, storing, tracking, and control of goods. It also includes keeping track of inventory changes. Stock management applies to numerous products, from raw materials to finished goods. So, every aspect of a business’s inventory is under the control of stock management. Thanks to stock management, companies can meet customer demands. They can adjust the quantities of the products and items in line with the demands. To avoid spending capital quickly and to avoid profit losses due to management errors, effective stock management is essential.

Why Is It Best to Manage Stock?

Inventory management has numerous advantages. Perhaps the most significant advantage is to reduce the risk of running out of valuable products. You can reduce unnecessary inventory counts with effective inventory management. It also enables you to get the most out of your storage space. Effective stock control simplifies the management of different stock types. Therefore, you can easily meet the demands for these stocks. You can also keep excess stock at a reasonable level with stock management.

Good stock management means knowing which items don’t sell well. In other words, you know that you will not have these items in large numbers. What’s more, by keeping the product quantity right, you don’t use unnecessary space to store these products. As a result, you pay less for real estate used for storage.

Thanks to stock management, you can stock up according to customer demands. You can profit by keeping high-demand products on hand. Otherwise, you are unlikely to make a profit with products that customers do not demand. So, with good stock management, you can have great cash flow.

Knowing how much raw material is necessary is another factor that will bring you profit. Because that way you know the amount of raw material you need. Therefore, you can save on unit costs by making bulk purchases. Thus, you can reduce inventory costs. In other words, stock management is a method that reduces costs.

Stock management is crucial for every company. But it is especially essential for newly growing independent businesses. Today, competition is very high, with online shopping entering the market. Hence, good stock management is essential not to fall behind in the competition.

Requirements for Good Inventory Management

Checking Incoming Stocks

One of the basic points in stock management is to check incoming stocks. Sometimes suppliers may ship items that are not ordered. Or they may pack the stock incorrectly. You must make sure that the stock you receive matches your order. Mistakes of suppliers can also harm you. By avoiding this loss, you can secure your sales and prestige. In cases where you do not check, you may have to order much more products than necessary. You should also do the checks on time. Otherwise, you may miss the return date.

Using Clear Labels

It is vital to label clearly. Labels should contain details about the product. These are the name of the product, place of storage, expiration date, size, weight, dimensions, and price. Labeling makes the product easy to recognize. Thanks to the updates, you also make it easy to track. So, you know when to place the next order.

Many large companies use the RFID (radiofrequency identification) system for labels. This system makes it easy to track and update inventory. Labeling systems from the past are no longer reliable. So, having clear labels saves time and money. Besides, digital platforms or spreadsheets are useful for inventory management.

Making Storage Practical

You can avoid confusion by storing stocks in an organized and logical way. You can group items belonging to the same category or items with similar functions together.

It is better to have a storage plan instead of haphazardly placing items. Besides, when you act by sticking to the plan, newcomers can learn the system in the storage easily. You can create guides for storage plans and share them with employees.

But there is a point you should pay attention to here. Some products may have similar packaging. In this case, you can place other items from the same category among these products. As a result, you can avoid possible confusion.

Tracking Expiration Dates

Offering expired products takes a heavy toll on your credibility. You may also face heavy fines. Therefore, you need to monitor the expiration dates of the items. Thus, you can clear the stock before the products expire. The most prominent of the stock cleaning methods is to put expired products on sale at affordable prices.

Also, before packing, you should not forget to check the expiry dates of outgoing orders. Thanks to this step, you eliminate the risk of losing your loyal customers. By setting up a reminder system for items, you can be notified when their expiration date comes.

Documenting Returns

Big problems arise when businesses do not document returns. This also leads to disruptions in quality control, accounting, and customer service. You should also have a planned system for returns. You must separate all returned items from others in your inventory. This way, you won’t be recirculating returns. You can also learn the reasons for the return with a planned system. This way, you can avoid making the same mistakes again. Turn disadvantages into opportunities by communicating with your customers individually.

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