100 Million Dollar Export Target in Fresh Figs

Turkey is the leading country in the production of fresh figs. The target for fresh fig exports this season is 100 million dollars.

Hayrettin Uçak, chairman of the Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters’ Association made a written statement about the fig export. Uçak stated that they have an export target of 100 million dollars in fresh figs in 2022. Uçak also announced the export dates. Exports of Sari Lop figs started on July 26, and Black Bursa figs on July 28. 

Export to 40 Countries in 2021

The 2021 export figures of Sari Lop and Bursa Black figs were quite high. In 2021, Turkey exported Bursa Black figs to 40 countries. The country that imported the most Bursa Black figs from Turkey was Germany. Germany imported 27 million dollars’ worth of Bursa Black figs from Turkey. Russia ranks first in the import of Sari Lop. In 2021, Russia imported 3.1 million worth of Sari Lops from Turkey.

In Bursa Black fig exports, Netherlands and England followed Germany. While the Netherlands imported 5.8 million dollars, the UK imported 5.1 million dollars. On the other hand, Germany and the Netherlands followed Russia in Sari Lop exports. Germany imported 2.3 million dollars’ worth of Sari Lop. Besides, the Netherlands imported 866 thousand dollars’ worth of Sari Lop. As a result, the number of countries to which Turkey exports Sari Lop has reached 39.

The harvest date for Sari Lop figs was July 25. Thus, Sari Lop exports started on July 26. As for Bursa Black Fig, since the harvest date is July 27, the export started on July 28.

Turkey earned $70 million from fresh fig exports in 2021. Hayrettin Uçak evaluated Turkey’s fresh fig exports in 2021. “The biggest portion of 60 million dollars of our fresh fig exports came from Bursa Black figs. The export of Sari Lop figs was 10 million dollars. Thus, our fresh fig exports increased by 17 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year. In 2022, our export target for fresh figs is 100 million dollars,” said Uçak.

Export to 114 Countries in Dried Figs

Turkey has shown great success not only in fresh figs but also in dried fig exports. Turkey has a 60% share in global dried fig exports. In 2021, Turkey exported dried figs to 114 countries. The fig yield was 85 thousand tons in 2021 across the country. Turkish exporters exported 85% of this harvest. Hence, Turkish exporters earned 241 million 857 thousand dollars from dried figs in 2021.

Fresh Fig and Dried Fig Consumption Recommendations

Figs are very beneficial for your health. Consuming figs correctly at the right time helps to protect health. Moreover, the consumption of figs helps prevent some diseases. Figs support heart health. They also regulate blood sugar. Moreover, many people consume figs for weight control. The chairman of the board, Uçak, stated that people should consume fresh figs in their own season. After the fig season has passed, it is more beneficial to consume dried figs.

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