$2.6B Export from Gaziantep in the First Quarter

Gaziantep, Turkey’s fifth-largest exporting province, achieved 4.8% of Turkey’s exports in the first quarter of 2022. Gaziantep hit 2 billion 646 million 385 thousand dollars, with exports of 1 billion 19 million 822 thousand dollars in March.

Tuncay Yıldırım is the Chairman of the Board of the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce. He commented on the Turkish Exporters Assembly March export results. He said, “Our efforts yield fruit, Gaziantep continues to expand. We had a tremendous month in March, exporting more than a billion dollars. I congratulate our exporter members and all of their staff on their success in overseas commerce.”

GTO President Yıldırım stated that Gaziantep continued its successful performance in 2021 by turning it on its head in 2022. “Despite the difficult times, Gaziantep residents do not hesitate to produce, work, and add value to their city and country.”

He continued on to say, “We managed to reach $2.6 billion in the first quarter of 2022 with our monthly exports. It increased by 16.81% compared to the same month of the previous year and exceeded 1 billion dollars. We achieved an increase of 15.79% compared to the same quarter of the previous year. With this success we achieved in the first quarter, our share in Turkey’s exports was 4.8%.”

Projects for Foreign Trade Continue

He stated that the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce added value to the city with the projects it had implemented. It had made significant contributions to Gaziantep’s current export success. President Yıldırım spoke on the matter. “As GTO, we produce projects in all areas of commercial, social, and cultural fields, and we carry out countless studies and services together with our professional team. We are trying to add value to our members and our city with many services such as GTO MYM, GTO Academy, GETHAM, GTO Foreign Trade Intelligence Center.”

“With the awareness that our direction is always foreign trade, we are starting important projects in this field. As it is known, we will bring new foreign trade professionals to our city, provide foreign trade intelligence coaching to our businesses, and offer them new opportunities with B2B organizations, with our new project, which we held the opening meeting in the past few days. We know very well that these services will return to our city again. Our members, who have achieved countless successes with the service and support they receive from our chamber, will make us proud with their new success stories.”

Turkey’s First-Quarter Exports Set A New Record

The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) revealed the March 2022 export data. The Turkish exporter set new records in March, as it did in the first two months of the year. According to the report, Turkey’s exports climbed by 19.8 percent in March compared to the same month the previous year, reaching 22.7 billion dollars. With these data, Turkey achieved its best first-quarter performance and monthly export total in history.

The high level of company interest in exports was mirrored in the number of exporting enterprises in March as well. In March, 1,986 new businesses joined the export family by exporting for the first time. Turkish exporters increased their exports to 159 nations. In March, Turkey’s top three export destinations were Germany ($1.9 billion), the United States ($1.5 billion), and Italy ($1.2 billion). While 20 industries boosted their exports last month, the industries with the highest exports were chemicals and goods ($2.9 billion), the automobile industry ($2.7 billion), and the steel industry ($2.2 billion).

Turkey’s Difference in Export

TIM President Ismail Gülle stated that the export family did exceptionally well in the first quarter of the year. He added, “We witnessed this again in our March results. To meet our aim of $250 billion in 2022, we needed to grow our exports by 2.1 billion dollars each month over the previous year. According to the most recent estimates, we are on track to reach $250 billion in the first quarter, with a surplus of $10 billion. It is critical that the current pace of the climb continues. We are moving forward with strong commitment and trust toward all of our objectives.”

Gülle continued, “I congratulate each member of our export family and our esteemed Presidents who contributed to this great success. While export expectations in the world have decreased, uncertainties and risks have increased, Turkey differed positively from other countries in March and broke the export record in the history of the republic. At this time, our total exports for the first quarter of the year had surpassed $60 billion. These statistics are quite crucial in the present prediction on the route to our goals.”

“We are on the road to 250 billion dollars in the first quarter, with an increase of 10 billion dollars”

Gülle said that they needed to increase their exports by 2.1 billion dollars every month compared to the previous year in order to reach the target they set for 2022, which is 250 billion dollars. “It is extremely important that the current momentum continues with the rise. We are walking towards all our goals with great determination and faith.”

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