Baby and Child Clothing Sector is Hopeful for Soaring Values

Bursa and Turkey, which have seen recent success in baby and children’s clothing, have begun to establish themselves as global brands. Despite the quarantines due to the pandemic in 2021, Turkey had a 30 percent growth in exports compared to 2020. The country is optimistic that the trend will continue in 2022.

Turkey’s progress in baby and children’s clothing continues thanks to new yarn types that develop with technology and machines that increase production. Its success, especially in anti-allergic product groups, is increasing day by day. The fact that the producers in Bursa follow the demands and the innovations around the world and reflect them on production also reflects on exports on both city and country basis.

Bursa, which left China behind last year, seems to strengthen Turkey’s place in this sector this year. Due to the diversification of consumer demands in baby and children’s clothing, export lanes between countries are also changing. The diversity of production also increases when shaping the fashion industry becomes important.

Bursa’s Contribution to the Baby and Children’s Clothing Industry

Companies in Bursa, where 80% of Turkey’s baby and children’s clothing production is carried out, also export to more than 60 countries. Baby & Child Clothing Industry Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (BEKSİAD) President Ömer Yıldız commented on the subject. He said that they were exporting all over the world and that the demands were not decreasing. Turkey’s main goal in recent years is to be more active in the European and American markets. Yıldız continued his words by saying that the export potential to South America had started to emerge. He also expressed that they expected Turkey to be effective in all markets in the coming years.

In his speech, Yıldız emphasized the following statement. “We want to be more effective in the European and American markets. In addition, we are increasing our effectiveness in Europe day by day as a sector. Our trade to Europe continues with mutual agreements.”

It was also included in the speeches that they believed that the agreements that would enable the development of the European and American markets. This, in turn, would yield excellent results for everyone.

”I Believe 2022 Will Be a Good Year”

Ismail Kuş, Vice President of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and owner of the baby-child enterprise also spoke. He recalled that the sector had good momentum before the Covid-19 epidemic.

Negative processes that occurred in all export sectors due to the epidemic also occurred in baby and children’s clothing. However, when looking at the worldwide situation, Turkey’s promising progress should not be overlooked. Referring to this, Kuş said, ” 2021 has been much better than 2020 in terms of baby and children’s clothing sector.”

He emphasized that the industry had problems with raw materials. “I predict that 2022 will be very good if we overcome these.” He said. Moreover, Kuş expressed that the willingness of the foreign visitors and buyers in the purchasing committees to Bursa International Baby, Children’s Ready-to-Wear and Children’s Needs Fair gave them hope.

Every product becomes more known thanks to fairs, and this is more profitable in baby and children’s clothing. Many buyers, from foreign manufacturers to companies, visit the fairs and search for new products in the field of apparel. Bursa is seen as the epicenter of Turkey in terms of baby and children’s apparel. For this reason, as Kuş said, Bursa’s products have great value, especially in clothing fairs both in Bursa and other cities.

The Effect of the Troubles in the Far East on Turkey

He stressed that the crisis in the Far East market’s energy and production phases was an opportunity for Turkey. He added that Turkey was one of the first countries that came to mind when issues in the Far East arose. The biggest reason for this is that Turkey is a well-known country when it comes to quality in production. Kuş noted that Turkish products were always preferred in the world due to their quality. “As long as the problem persists and our quality is recognized, our chances in the world will improve. In 2022, I can confidently state that we as an industry are more optimistic and have high hopes.”

The unfortunate developments in the Far East made Turkey’s baby and children’s clothing field more widespread. With the increasing hopes for 2022, baby and children’s clothing manufacturers started their research in the export sector.

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