Citrus Exports Surge Over 940 Million Dollars

Ferhat Gürüz, Chairman of the Board of the Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association spoke. He announced that Turkey’s export revenue exceeded 940 million dollars in the 2021-2022 citrus season.

The sector evaluated 2.2 million tons of products in international markets in the citrus fruit season. Turkey exported the most to Russia, Iraq, and Ukraine. And the strongest performance in foreign sales volume was achieved in Croatia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan markets.

Turkey Exported the Most Tangerines in the Citrus Season

Turkey’s citrus production has made great progress in the last 30 years, and the number of trees has exceeded 47 million. According to the data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, 5.3 million tons of citrus were produced in Turkey in 2021. 1.8 million tons of this harvest consisted of tangerines, 1.7 million tons of oranges, 1.5 million tons of lemons, and 249 thousand tons of grapefruit.

In the citrus export season that started on August 20, 2021, Turkish fresh fruit and vegetable exporters added value to 2.2 million tons of products as of the end of May. In the season that lasted for 9.5 months, the total export amount in the citrus product group was 940 million 596 thousand dollars. $480 million was from mandarin exports, $280 million from lemons, $113 million from oranges, and $67 million from grapefruit.

Eastern Mediterranean Dominates in the Production

Turkey, which is a global player in citrus production and export, has undisputed superiority thanks to the Eastern Mediterranean region with its climate advantages and fertile lands. Adana, Hatay, and Mersin provinces carry out 73% of the citrus production in Turkey. This superiority of Çukurova in citrus production is also reflected in the export reports. The share of the Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association in citrus exports is progressing at 75%.

Russia Receives the Largest Share of Citrus Exports from Turkey

Evaluating the citrus season exports by countries, Chairman Ferhat Gürüz stated that the main markets in this product group are the Commonwealth of the Independent States, the EU, and the Middle East countries. Stating that the Commonwealth of Independent States is the largest market with a share of 61%, President Gürüz said:

“In the 2021-2022 citrus season, Russia was one of the countries to which we exported the most, with a share of 45%. In 9.5 months, we exported 419.4 million dollars to Russia. With a share of 45%, Russia was followed by Iraq with a share of 11.5% and Ukraine in third place with a share of 11%. When we look at the countries with the greatest growth in export volume during the season, Croatia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan stand out. We exported citrus fruits to Croatia for $8.9 million with an increase of 88%, to Belarus for $15.8 million with an increase of 59%, and to Kazakhstan for $6.4 million with an increase of 57%. We also achieved significant increases in the markets of Azerbaijan-Nakhichevan, Poland, Syria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Half of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exports Came from the Mediterranean

President Gürüz mentioned Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports in May, announcing $190.4 million in exports for the month.

Utilizing 314 thousand tons of products in foreign markets in May, the sector exported the most tomatoes, peaches, and lemons. Mediterranean exporters reached a value of $26.7 million in tomatoes, $25.5 million in peaches, and $24.7 million in lemons.

In May, the Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association exported $94.5 million with an increase of 29%. Its share in the country’s overall sector exports was at the level of 50%. President Gürüz added that in January-May 2021, Turkey’s overall sector exports reached $1.16 billion, and regional exports reached $540.7 million.

In 2021, Tangerine Exports Reached Half a Billion Dollars

This success in the citrus exports is nothing new for Turkey. The rising importance of immune system strengthening throughout the pandemic affected exports. In 2021 citrus exports, which include fruits such as citrus, oranges, lemons, and tangerines, reached 1 billion dollars. Mandarin, which meets almost half of the citrus exports with its aroma and long shelf life, increased its exports by 4% in 2021 compared to the previous year and reached approximately $454 million.

Turkey, the second country that exports the most citrus fruits in terms of quantity in the world, is in the top 10 in the world in tangerine production with its climate and ecological structure. Satsuma-type tangerine, grown only in the Aegean Region in the world, is in demand from all countries with its intense aroma, easy peeling, and long shelf life.

In addition to production, packaging and storage stages of tangerines also shape the export traffic. Equipped with advanced technologies, processed products that go through the stages of drainage, washing, drying, waxing, processing, and packaging increase the export value-added. The completion of these stages in full and under the best conditions also raises the export unit price of tangerines. By using these advanced processes, Turkish Goods ensures you receive the best citrus products from Turkey.

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