Electric-Electronics Exports Surge to 1 Billion Dollar in January

According to data obtained by an AA reporter from the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), electric-electronics exports grew by 9.9% to $982.9M compared to the same period in the year before. Looking at the sector’s export distribution by country, the greatest export was made to the United Kingdom in January, with $115.4M. Germany came in second with $92.8 million, followed by France with $64.2 million. It is worth noting that electric-electronics exports to Libya surged by 311.8% in January compared to the same month last year, reaching $18M. Similarly, electrical, and electronic exports to Qatar climbed by 215% in January, totaling more than $13M.

Electric-Electronic Exports to Middle Eastern Countries Increased to $111M

The region to which the electric-electronics sector exports the most, based on country groups, was the European Union (EU) countries. In January 2021, the sector shipped $425.6M to EU countries. However, in the same month this year, it exported $454.7M, with a 6.9% rise. Other European countries followed the EU with exports totaling $149M. It is worth noting that electronic exports to Middle Eastern countries climbed by 26.5% to $111.9M. Similarly, the sector realized nearly $98M in exports to African countries in January, with a 30.5% rise.

Istanbul is the Leader of the Electric-Electronics Sector

Looking at the sector’s export numbers by province, Istanbul had the greatest export volume in January, totaling $526.3M. When compared to the same period the previous year, Istanbul’s exports in the electric-electronics sector climbed by 8.7% over the same said period. Istanbul was followed in terms of exports by Manisa, which increased by 11.4% and $127.7M, and Kocaeli, which increased by 17.5% and $61.4M. Denizli’s exports climbed by 20.4% to $59.9M, making it one of the leading provinces in electric-electronic exports.

Electric-Electronics Sector in Numbers

The electric-electronics sector is the most important manufacturing industry sector for a competitive industry that relies on knowledge and R&D. Because developed and developing countries can continue to grow and create jobs for their citizens. 

Turkey is a significant player in the electrical household appliance manufacturing sector, which is one of the sub-sectors of the electrical and electronics sector. It has a production capacity of almost 29 million units. Turkey has reversed its downward trend in recent years and now ranks first in Europe and third globally. Other countries have made considerable investments in the white goods market. Furthermore, the electrical household appliances business, along with its sub-industry, is Turkey’s fourth-largest industrial sector in terms of both output and export. In terms of legislation in the sector, regulations are made concurrently with the EU.

Number of enterprises and employment of the sector

One of the key driving engines of national income growth and the economy is the electronics sector. It is one of the important industries that strengthen the country in terms of development. It delivers a considerable boost to expansion by providing a significant contribution to employment. The sector employs roughly 226 thousand people directly. However, the number of people employed indirectly by engineering and service activities in the sector is far higher. As of 2020, there are 4,882 enterprises in the industry. Between 2015 and 2019, the number of enterprises by size increased on a consistent basis. The majority of the businesses are small businesses.

Production and Added Value of the Industry

Except during times of crisis, Turkey’s manufacturing industry tends to expand in terms of production. With this upward tendency, the manufacturing industry’s production value reached around 2.3 trillion TL in 2019.

By the end of 2019, the power sector’s sub-sectors had produced 122 billion TL, while the electronics sector’s sub-sectors had produced 39 billion TL. In 2019, the electrical sector had a 5.17% proportion in the manufacturing industry, while the electronics sector had a 1.7% stake.

The maximum production value was realized in goods below 26.51 in the manufacture of computers, electrical, and optical devices. Electronic infrastructure items for industrial automation and military are the most essential portion of this field’s manufacturing. When looking at Electrical Equipment Manufacturing, the highest production value is Electrical Household Appliances. In terms of production value, cable manufacturing is second only to electrical household products.

When we look at the manufacturing industry as a whole, the added value obtained via increasing production value has increased over time.

At the end of 2019, the electrical sector’s sub-sectors generated 26 billion TL in added value, while the electronics sector’s sub-sectors generated 13 billion TL.

Turkey’s General Exports at the Beginning of 2022 Seem Promising

The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) released January 2022 export data. Exports were $17.6 billion in January, a 17.3% increase compared to the same month of the previous year. The highest January export figure in history was achieved with this figure. The high level of interest in exports among businesses was reflected in the number of exporters in 2022. 

In January, 1,516 businesses became part of the export family by exporting for the first time. The top three nations for our exporters were Germany ($1.6 billion), the United States ($1.2 billion), and Italy ($1 billion). The automobile sector, which exported $2.2 billion in January, was top, followed by the chemicals sector, which exported $2.1 billion, and the steel sector, which exported $1.6 billion.

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