Malatya’s Massive Success in Exports

Malatya is among the cities that have attracted attention with its strong export performance in recent years. In the first quarter of 2022, Malatya’s exports reached 110 million 690 thousand dollars. The city continues to maintain its success in exports for years. It is one of Turkey’s most successful provinces in exports. The success of the city in export mostly comes from apricots.

Of course, the fame of the taste of Malatya apricots reached the world. Every year, hundreds of countries line up to buy apricots from Malatya. Apricot, which is the main production item of the city, is highly appreciated. In 2021, Malatya exported apricots to 115 countries. Exporters sent 90,203 tons of apricots to different parts of the world. With only apricot exports, 347 million 905 thousand dollars of foreign currency entered the country. However, the products that Malatya exports are not just apricots. Dried fruits, aquaculture, and animal products also have an important share in exports.

Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced the city’s export figures for 2022. Like, every year, the city’s producers and exporters achieved great success. According to the data, exports increased by 42 percent in March compared to the same month of the previous year. As a result, exporters exported products worth 45 million 953 thousand dollars.

The first three months of the year were a symbol of success. In the first three months, exports increased by 32 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Thus, total exports reached 110 million 690 thousand dollars. There are many different categories of products that are exported. The first of these was dried fruits. Especially the city’s dried apricot is a product in high demand. Aquaculture and animal products, textiles and raw materials, and machinery and accessories followed dried fruits.

Iraq Ranks First on the List

Malatya exported the most to Iraq in March. The USA, Indonesia, Germany, China, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Israel, and Italy followed Iraq. Oğuzhan Ata Sadıkoğlu, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, evaluated the export figures. “Despite the political and economic difficulties in the world, exporters continue to offer added value to the country and the city.” 

He stated that increases in production and input costs and energy are major obstacles in front of them. However, the increase in exports raises morale. “As the Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we will continue to work with determination to increase our contribution to the exports. I sincerely congratulate our exporter members, business people, and valuable employees for promising export figures.”

Export to 134 Countries

The city also showed great export success in the last year. Malatya exported large volumes to all parts of the world, especially to the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. Expectations are that the success will be even better this year. The city exported to 134 countries in 2020. Unprocessed dried apricots are among the products that Malatya exports the most, with 90 million dollars. Malatya has an average export distance of 4 thousand 84 kilometers. Therefore, it became the 13th province to export the furthest in 2020.

Malatya showed an increase of 41 percent in exports in 2021 compared to the previous year. Exporters reached an export of 425 million 127 thousand dollars. For the first time in Malatya’s history, exports exceeded 400 million dollars.

Also, the Turkish Exporters Assembly is working non-stop to increase the export success of the city. It is the only umbrella organization of 61 exporters’ associations, 27 sectors, and 100 thousand exporters. It organizes programs to train exporters. The last of the training programs was held online for Malatya in 2021. The program encourages small and medium-sized enterprises to export. In addition, participants in the program received training on how to become an exporter. Moreover, they were able to obtain information on issues such as benefiting from export support and financing.

Greatest Contributions of Apricots to Export

İsmail Gülle, chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, talked about the contribution of apricots to exports. “Our city has become a world brand in apricot production and export. The city alone meets 70% of the world’s dried apricot needs. So much so that the Malatya apricot is a Geographical Indication for the European Union. We must protect all the blessings that Anatolia and these noble lands offer us. We must present them to the world with the brand values they deserve. In this way, we can add value to our exports.”

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