Massive 1B Dollar Export of Turkish Hazelnuts

Hazelnut ranks second after almond in terms of both production and consumption among hard-shelled fruits in the world. The consumption of hazelnut as a snack is limited. It is one of the basic raw materials in the food industry. It is especially used in sectors such as chocolate and confectionery.

Hazelnut is nutrient-rich in folic acid, vitamins E, K, and C, and minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, protein, fiber, and fat. They are full of antioxidants and protect the body against stress. Thus, it is very healthy for your heart and immune system. Those factors and their taste, of course, make hazelnuts one of the most favorite nuts in the world.

Hazelnuts are found in the temperate climate zone of the Northern Hemisphere in wild forms from Japan to China, Turkey, and many more. Also, Turkey, Italy, Spain, the USA, Chile, China, Iran, France, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Georgia grow cultivated varieties of hazelnuts.

The world hazelnut production was around 250 thousand tons in the 1960s. Now, it has reached approximately 1 million tons in recent years. Turkey is the leading producer of hazelnuts. Italy, Azerbaijan, and the USA follow Turkey, the first in world hazelnut production. In recent years, there has been an increase in hazelnut production in Azerbaijan and the USA.

728 thousand hectares, which is 75% of the 966 thousand hectares of hazelnut areas produced worldwide in 2018, are located in Turkey. Italy with 8%, Azerbaijan with 4%, the USA with 2%, Iran with 2%, and other countries with 8% follow Turkey. If we look at the percentages, that’s a huge gap between Turkey and all the other countries.

Hazelnut Trade in the World

As in the world hazelnut production, Turkey is also the leader in the world hazelnut exports. Turkey exported 68% of the world’s hazelnut in 2019. Italy with 9%, Azerbaijan with 8%, Chile with 4%, Georgia with 3%, and other countries with 8% follow Turkey. Once again, it is a huge gap between Turkey and the other countries. 

In 2020, Turkey ranked first again with 157 thousand tons. Turkey exported 61% of world hazelnut exports in the same year. Italy accounted for 10% of world hazelnut exports, while the USA accounted for 9% and Azerbaijan 7%.

In 2020, Germany ranked first in world hazelnut imports with $381M. Italy followed Germany with $290M, France with $150M, and Poland with $101M. Germany ranked first in world hazelnut imports with 28%. In line with the needs of the changing and developing food industry, countries such as China and Russia also have increased their hazelnut imports in recent years.

Turkey’s Hazelnut Exports Skyrocketed in 7 Months

In a 7-month period, Turkey reached 1 billion 474 million dollars of hazelnut exports. Exports increased by 33.6 percent based on quantity compared to the same period of the previous season.

Black Sea Hazelnut and Products Exporters’ Association wrote a statement. They shared information about the amount and income of hazelnut exports between September 2021 and March 2022. According to the statement, Turkey exported 246 thousand 998 tons of hazelnuts in the last 7 months. Furthermore, Turkey achieved an income of 1 billion 474 million 722 thousand 865 dollars. Compared to the same period of the previous season, exports increased by 33.6 percent in the amount and 13 percent on an income basis.

Turkey’s current export target is 340 thousand tons. With the increasing number of exports, Turkey seems to reach that number. Patience and strategic planning are the current 2 main mottos of Turkey. That’s why Turkey continues to work patiently to find new markets.

Production in Turkey

The cultivation of cultivated varieties of hazelnut in Turkey was first started in the Eastern Black Sea Region. The climatic characteristics of the Black Sea Region create the ideal environment for hazelnuts.

Hazelnut grown in Turkey is divided into two qualities, Giresun and Levant. Giresun hazelnut is the most outstanding hazelnut in the world with its taste and oil content. Giresun hazelnut is grown in Giresun and Trabzon’s Beşikdüzü, Vakfıkebir, Çarşıbaşı and Akçaabat districts. Levant quality hazelnuts that are grown in other provinces contain less oil than Giresun hazelnuts. Yet, they generally have a higher oil content than hazelnuts grown in other countries and are superior in taste.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier who can export top-notch quality hazelnuts from Turkey, you are looking in the right place. Turkey has many different options and places where hazelnuts are made from Giresun to Bartın. With so many hazelnut suppliers in Turkey, you are sure to find the right one for your business. With Turkish Goods, you can find a reliable supplier who can export top-quality hazelnuts from Turkey!

According to TUIK data, hazelnut planting areas were 560 thousand hectares in 2002. It reached 734 thousand hectares with an increase of 31% in 2019. Furthermore, hazelnut production was 600 thousand tons in 2002. Now, it has reached 776 thousand tons with an increase of 29% in 2019.

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