New Report: Turkey Exported $263M Dried Figs

Dried figs, one of Turkey’s most important export items, contributed a foreign exchange inflow of 263 million 246 thousand dollars in 2021. It’s an 11% increase over the previous year. Turkey sold 68 thousand 222 tons of dried figs in 2020, generating a revenue of 236 million 491 thousand dollars, according to data provided by the Aegean Exporters’ Associations. Turkey raised its dried fig exports by 5% to 71 thousand 719 tons in 2021 compared to the previous year. Its profits grew by 11% to 263 million 246 thousand dollars.

Turkey is One of the Exclusive Countries in Dried Fig Production

The fig can only be produced in a few countries due to its climatic and ecological requirements. Likewise, dried figs are only exported by these countries. Turkey is one of these exclusive countries, ranking first in the world in both dried and fresh fig output. Especially dried figs are among the important agricultural products of Turkey in the export of dried fruit. Figs provide foreign exchange input. Besides, dried fig production is important for Turkey in terms of income and employment. Another importance of figs is that they are rich in nutritional value and contribute to human health.

Fig is a Mediterranean coastal fruit, and it can be grown on the entire coastline of Turkey, such as the Marmara, Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Southeastern Anatolia Regions. However, the areas that provide the most suitable environmental conditions are The Greater and The Little Maeander Basins in the Aegean Region. These regions are the places with the highest diversity, and approximately 80% of the production takes place in these basins. Dried figs, on the other hand, are produced especially on the coasts of the Aegean Region. Dried figs are especially rich in terms of vitamins and nutrition. Because of having such great benefits, dried figs give a great impetus to export in Turkey.

Aydın Commodity Exchange Board Member Kazım Günaydın said that the best quality dried figs in the world are produced in Aydın. Emphasizing that Aydın meets 68 percent of Turkey’s dried fig production, Günaydın stated that the demand for this product in the foreign market is increasing year by year.

Germany Was the Top Dried Fig Importer

In 2021, Turkey sold the most figs to Germany. Germany led the way with 37 million 719 thousand dollars in sales, followed by France with 36 million dollars and the United States with 35 million dollars. Günaydın drew attention to Aydın’s place in production and exports and praised the producers.

Günaydın highlighted that 2021 would be a very beneficial year for both producers and exporters. “Both the advantages that came to be with the epidemic and the global fame of Aydin fig, have affected the Aydin fig in becoming a product that the customer accepts in the globe and stores in their kitchen, closet, and bag.”

Production, which was previously carried out within limited means, has now reached new dimensions with technology. The country’s gradual development in agricultural tools and vehicles that help production also ensures the quality of production. Products are collected, dried and stored faster. Figs draw insects and other animals due to their structure. For this reason, it is important to collect and dry figs without any damage. At this stage, it is essential to meet the health conditions. Advancing technology and production power also shape exports.

Günaydın stated that “Previously, it was exclusively supplied to European Union countries and the United States, but today it is also sent to China and Thailand. Turkey also sells figs to countries such as Indonesia, Russia, and Africa. Our goal is to more than double these figures.” The betterment of the producer, the worker and the country depends on the whole of quality systems.

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Figs, which are carefully prepared during the production phase, should be meticulously controlled even in terms of drying systems. The same stage is valid in the export process as well. Exported dried figs can be damaged in a very short time if they are not stored in the right conditions. For this reason, many fig producers shy away from exporting dried figs.

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