Skyrocket in Turkey’s Export with Bursa’s Help

The Turkish Exporters Assembly reports that Turkey’s exports for the first half of the year were 125 billion 863 million 711 thousand dollars. Exports from Bursa account for 6.29 percent of Turkey’s overall international sales, placing third after Istanbul and Kocaeli. One of the most talked-about occurrences of 2022 has been Bursa’s substantial contribution to exports.

Exporting more than 180 products in the January-June period, Bursa’s exports increased by 4.1 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 7 billion 918 million 89 thousand dollars.

Uludağ Exporters’ Unions Coordinator President Baran Çelik stated that there has been an increase in the export figures of all five unions within the body of UEU. Baran Celik used the following statements:

“Despite everything that goes wrong, we keep working and get stronger by working. By improving both their production and export potential, our union members continue to support the development and the nation’s economy. We will keep pushing for a more powerful Turkey that grows and employs people using a sustainable strategy.”

In addition to the words of Baran Çelik, as the sectoral increase in exports in Bursa continues, the state aid made to the producers also increases. New production opportunities in technology continue without slowing down, both in Turkey and in Bursa. Thus, production accelerates on a sectoral basis, and exports increase.

The production and export steps of Bursa, which is the shining star of Turkey in the field of automotive and textile, are getting stronger with each passing day.

The Automotive Sector Determined Bursa’s Export Fortune

In the growing trade network of Bursa, the automotive industry holds the largest stake. The automotive industry’s exports brought in 3 billion 93 million 188 thousand dollars between January and June.

The sector that followed the automotive sector was the ready-made clothing and apparel sector. The ready-to-wear and apparel industry achieved foreign sales of 919 million 496 thousand dollars in 6 months. 

In the third place is the steel industry. The steel production industry sector became a partner in the rise of Bursa by exporting 682 million 283 thousand dollars.

The textile and raw materials sector contributed 653 million 354 thousand to Bursa’s exports between January and June. In addition, the machinery and accessories sector brought in 611 million 275 thousand revenues. Finally, furniture, paper, and forest products earned 433 million 549 thousand revenues. 

In addition, chemical materials and products earned 398 million 280 thousand dollars, while the ferrous and non-ferrous metals sector earned 374 million 240 thousand dollars. Finally, the air conditioning industry sector contributed 235 million dollars.

Bursa Exported the Most Products to Germany

Germany, one of Turkey’s most important markets, has been the country to which Bursa exports the most. Exports to this country in the 6 months of the year were recorded as 1 billion 187 million 153 thousand dollars between January and June.

France is in second place with 706 million 187 thousand dollars. The USA is in third place. In the same period of last year, 386 million 551 thousand dollars of products were sold. Moreover, exports to the USA increased by 60.6 percent and reached 620 million 990 thousand dollars.

In the first half of the year, Spain ranked fourth with 607 million 537 thousand dollars in the ranking of the country to which Bursa exports the most. In addition, Italy ranked fifth with 599 million 766 thousand dollars.

How Did Bursa Rise So Much in Exports?

Bursa is characterized as an industrial base with its production activities in the industrial sector. The product capacity that it develops by using new technologies in production every day also affects its export share.

Contribution to the production of Bursa continues with R&D studies. Ermeksan, an industrial company known for its contributions to developments in this area, said that they thought Bursa would progress further.

The 3D additive manufacturing device created by Ermaksan Additive is used in many industries, including dental, biomedical, universities and research centers, defense and aviation, consumer goods, energy, and molding, according to Ahmet Özkayan, the company’s deputy chairman of the board of directors.

With digitalization spreading all over the world, product classification is done better, especially in the automotive sector. In this way, both the scale of production can be measured and exports become more regular.

Aiming to do better in every field, Turkey also feels the effect of city-based development of Bursa throughout the country. When technology is combined with production, it reveals what can be done when it comes to export.

It is estimated that the increase in the automotive and manufacturing sectors will be more noticeable every year with the increase in the production of high-value-added machines. Both the producer and the developments that support the production have contributed greatly to the rise of Bursa.

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