The Exclusive Turkish Honey Exported to 56 Countries

Turkey Honey’s exports reached 26 million 226 thousand 544 dollars in the first seven months of the year. East Black Sea Exporters’ Association Chairman Saffet Kalyoncu said that Turkey exported honey to 56 countries in 7 months of the year.

Kalyoncu stated that in this period, 26 million 226 thousand 544 dollars were obtained in return for 9 thousand 923 tons of honey exports. He said that in the same period last year, 4 thousand 268 tons of honey were sold and 14 million 910 thousand dollars were obtained.

Turkey’s Honey Production

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) reports that 96,344 tons of honey were produced in Turkey in 2021. The data shows that there are now 89,361 beekeeping businesses in Turkey, an increase of 7.87% from the previous year. On the other hand, the total number of colonies climbed by 7% from the previous year to 8,733,394. Turkey’s best honey-producing provinces are Adana, Ordu, Sivas, Muğla, and Aydın.

Turkey’s Ordu province has traditionally produced the most honey. With an average annual production of 15,888 tons of honey, Ordu province leads all Turkish provinces when five years’ worth of production data are taken into account. The typical values of honey production in the Ordu province are 25–30% greater than the average of the neighboring provinces, according to the amounts of honey produced during the past five years.

In addition, honey exports were realized as 5,881 tons in the first four months of 2022. 80% of the export consisted of filtered honey. Since 2022 is not over yet, this year’s production data is not very clear. However, looking at 2021, it is expected that the total honey production data for 2022 will exceed last year’s production.

Why Is Turkey’s Honey Preferred?

Beekeeping is viewed as an agricultural activity that needs to be developed and increased while taking into account both Turkey’s rural economic realities and its ecological diversity. Beekeeping is sustainable, structured, and mindful. There are three basic determinants of beekeeping and honey production: climate, geography, and the appropriateness of the plants for beekeeping. These are seen as being particularly important in Turkey.

Turkey’s honey cultivation dates back to ancient times, considering the richness of its materials and management as a factor. Thanks to careful honey production, Turkey is one of the preferred countries when it comes to honey import.

More than ten types of honey are produced in Turkey. Some are consumed more locally. Among the exported honey types, pine honey, flower honey, and chestnut honey are the most common. The vast majority of exports consist of flower honey.

Saffet Kalyoncu also touched upon Turkey’s success in honey production and export. He said that Turkey closed six months of the year with increasing figures in honey exports. He expressed that honey was a product that contributed significantly to the country’s economy. Kalyoncu said that Turkey had very important potential for honey production in terms of flora diversity.

Emphasizing that they have high expectations from honey exports in this context, Kalyoncu noted that it was important to focus on the production of value-added and branded products to reach much higher figures.

He pointed out that it was also important to brand and export honey according to each flower type. And he added, “Based on this situation, our exporters and breeders should work immediately and attach importance to the export of higher value-added products.”

To Which Countries Did Turkey Export Honey?

Turkey’s honey production market is expanding every year. In particular, the number of countries is increasing in the export market. Kalyoncu pointed out that honey exports increased by 133 percent in quantity and 76 percent in value.

“The USA, Germany, and Spain were the countries we exported the most to. We sold 9 million 286 thousand 358 dollars of honey to the USA and 3 million 904 thousand 203 dollars to Germany. Spain ranks third with 3 million 378 thousand 193 dollars.”

Kalyoncu also stated that countries have increased honey exports. Unlike last year, Turkey, Slovenia, Peru, Maldives, and Denmark are on the list. In addition to these countries, Lebanon, Yemen, the Republic of South Africa, Iraq, Venezuela, Barbados, and Mauritania continue the list of countries to which Turkey exports honey. Kalyoncu also noted that honey was sold to Liberia, Bangladesh, North Macedonia, Taiwan, and Portugal during this period.

Continuing to export honey all over the world, Turkey continues to produce high-quality honey. Exports made to 56 countries in the first quarter of 2022 are expected to be made to more countries in 2022. The rises in the production and export markets also shape the hopes for the future. Quality honey from various parts of the country, from Ordu to Aydın, will continue to gain worldwide fame. It is a fact that 56 countries and more will be added to honey exports when the efforts are combined with the quality.

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