The Massive Increase of Strawberry Exports in 2021

Turkey earned 46 million 118 thousand dollars in 2021 from strawberries exported to 43 countries. According to EIB data, 25 million dollars were received from the sale of 25 thousand 600 tons of strawberries in 2020. Turkey increased its strawberry exports to 42 thousand 500 tons in 2021 with an increase of 66 percent compared to the previous year. Turkey also increased its income to 46 million 118 thousand dollars with an increase of 84 percent compared to the previous year. Russia became the country to which the most strawberries were sent, with a total sale of 27 million 810 thousand dollars. It was followed by Romania with 8 million 910 thousand dollars and Iraq with 5 million 608 thousand dollars.

Geographically registered Sultanhisar strawberry is also important for export, especially since it stays fresh for a long time and does not lose its sweet taste. President of Sultanhisar Chamber of Agriculture, Yüksel Yılmazoğlu commented on the subject. He said that Sultanhisar’s strawberry production covered a significant part of strawberry production in Turkey. It also employed 10 thousand people, especially in the March-April period.

He stated that strawberry production continued throughout the year, and they had started the winter strawberry harvest. Yılmazoğlu said, “Last year, 42 thousand 500 tons of strawberries were exported throughout Turkey. 25 thousand tons of strawberries were exported from our district. Hopefully, we will double these figures in 2022.”

Based on statistics from the first months of 2022 in strawberry production, strawberry exports are expected to fulfill expectations in 2022. Yılmazoglu noted that output was in line with demand. He added that the demand was gradually increasing and that this condition would be mirrored across the country.

Strawberry Trade in Turkey

Strawberry foreign trade in Turkey is carried out in two ways as fresh and frozen strawberries.

Ranking fourth in world strawberry production, Turkey ranks twelfth in exports. Strawberry exports in 2020 increased by 14.7% compared to the previous year and amounted to 47.912 tons. Strawberry exports have doubled in the last five years. Turkey has an important place in the export of frozen strawberries as well as in the export of fresh strawberries.

The Aegean Region exports a significant number of frozen strawberries. Hayrettin Uçak, President of the Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association spoke. He emphasized this point. “Last year, 22 thousand 620 tons of frozen strawberries were shipped, resulting in a foreign money influx of 45 million 423 thousand dollars.”  He stated, “Turkey also exports frozen strawberries to many European countries, especially the USA.” Strawberry exports in general, regardless of fresh or frozen strawberries, seem to gain momentum.

Strawberry Production Map of Turkey

Strawberry grows the best in a temperate climate. For this reason, it grows in most places where the Mediterranean climate is observed in Turkey. Mediterranean Region, Aegean Region, and Marmara Region are the three regions where strawberry fruit grows the greatest. When examining the mass fruit orchard areas where strawberries were grown in Turkey in 2020, Mersin, with a share of 26.8%, ranks first with 48 thousand decares. Bursa ranks second with 30 thousand decares, and Konya ranks third with 20 thousand decares. Strawberry production areas increased by 16.5% in 2020 compared to 2016 and reached 179 thousand decares. The total strawberry field areas have increased by 11.7% in 2020 compared to 2019.

Strawberry Production in Turkey

Strawberry production in Turkey began in the 1970s. It has steadily increased since then, from 9,700 tons to 546 thousand tons in 2020. With this production, Turkey has risen to fourth place in the world’s strawberry production. Turkey follows China, the United States, and Mexico. The selection of new varieties suitable for the regions as a result of scientific studies and the use of current growth techniques given has resulted in a large rise in production. Strawberries grown in Turkey have a high value both in domestic consumption and in foreign trade.

While Mersin ranked first with 188 thousand tons of strawberry production in 2020, Aydın ranked second with 68 thousand tons, and Konya ranked third with 51 thousand tons. In 2020, compared to the previous year, the production amount increased by 11.6% in Mersin, 0.4% in Aydın, and 17.2% in Konya.

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