The Massive Target in Dried Figs Export

The export of dried figs is still being conducted with the necessary precautions. The production and export of dried figs were discussed by Aegean Exporters’ Associations. The representatives of the dried fig exporting companies gathered to decide when the season in 2022–2023 would start to see exports.

Mehmet Ali Işık, Chairman of the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association, underlined the exports made to the European Union and the USA. He stated that Turkey earned 241 million dollars from dried fig exports in the 2021-2022 season. He emphasized that they expect high yield and quality in dried figs this season. Işık also underlined that they aimed to reach 70 thousand tons of total exports by 2022.

As the importance given to the production and quality of figs increases, it is observed that the target can be achieved and even higher targets can be realized.

Why Are Turkey’s Dried Figs Important? 

Figs are among the most produced fruits in Turkey. Fig is a fruit that grows in many regions of Turkey, especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. The city with the largest production network is Aydın. Aydın is followed by İzmir, Bursa and Mersin.

Figs are used in different forms and paired with different flavors. But the most preferred by everyone is undoubtedly dried figs. According to the average of the last ten years, Turkey ranks first in fig production with 260 thousand tons.

The fig storage conditions have a high standard in Turkey due to both the meteorological circumstances and the knowledge gained from producing figs. Because of this, figs that are dried in various ways and offered to consumers can be kept in storage for a long time. As a result, other nations purchase high-quality, nutritious dried figs from Turkey.

Turkey’s Success in Dried Fig Exports

Turkey, which can especially grow different types of figs, ranks first in the world with both small and large dried figs. The demand is increasing every year. It is essential to increase the necessary care for the production, drying, and export of figs. Chairman Mehmet Işık also touched upon this issue. And at the meeting, he stated the following words.

“It is necessary to pay attention to the collection, transportation, and processing of the products to protect the image of dried figs in the world and to prevent formations that reduce quality such as aflatoxin and ochratoxin.”

He underlined that if these issues were taken into consideration, it would be a successful season. He also emphasized the importance of local production and consumption. “We will work to double our dried fig consumption, which is 5-6 thousand tons per year in the domestic market. We recommend everyone to consume 2 dried figs daily.”

Dried figs are preferred in both domestic and foreign markets as it is an excellent product in terms of health. Işık emphasized the importance of intensifying the demand for dried figs on a local basis as well as in the foreign market. Moreover, it was stated in the General Assembly that it was decided to start the export of dried figs on October 7. This date will be finalized with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce.

The Situation of Turkey in Dried Figs Export

Mustafa Bircan, President of Tariş Germencik Fig Cooperative, made a statement along with Mehmet Işık. He emphasized that there is increasing momentum, especially in the foreign market every year. “As Tariş, we export dried figs to 35 countries. An added value of around 300 million dollars is created across Turkey.”

Dried figs obtained from Turkey’s quality crops are known by all the countries of the world as nutritious. Dried figs, which are rich in antioxidants, are also preferred for solving intestinal problems. Therefore, the reputation of dried figs continues to spread both in domestic and foreign markets.

According to the statements from the Aegean Exporters’ Association, export data in 2021 can be looked at. Turkey increased its exports of dried figs by 5% to 71 thousand 719 tons in 2021, compared to the previous year. It increased its income by 11% to 263 million and 246 thousand dollars. According to Mehmet Işık, it is not difficult to predict that the target of 70 thousand tons will be increased to even higher figures.

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