Turkey Broke Export Records In 16 of the Last 18 Months

The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) evaluated Turkey’s export performance, which has gained momentum in recent years.

TİM President İsmail Gülle stated that in terms of Turkey’s exports, 2021 would be a year they would never forget in their lives.

For 14 years, Turkey struggled to increase its exports to over 200 billion dollars in order to reach double figures. The moment they got close, the economic crisis broke out in America. After recovering from the crisis, the Far East crisis broke out. Despite many problems, as of last July, for the first time in its history, Turkey exceeded 200 billion dollars in exports in a 12-month period. In September, the country achieved an export of 212.2 billion dollars in the last 12 months and exceeded its annual export target of 211 billion dollars. Again in September, for the first time, Turkish exporters exceeded 20 billion dollars of exports on a monthly basis. Finally, the country reached its target of $225 billion for 2021.

Turkish Exporters Broke a Monthly Export Record in 16 of the Last 18 Months

Turkey broke the monthly export record in 16 of the last 18 months with the intensive efforts of exporters and government support. In 2021, Turkey reached the highest export figures in the history of the Republic in 25 of 27 sectors. It broke records in employment, production, and growth. Despite many negative news and indicators in the world, the export family has become the pride of the country. The Turkish export family has managed to deliver good news to the country at the end of each month by continuing to produce and export at all times. And the exports went far beyond the target Turkey set at the beginning of last year and realized 225 billion dollars of exports.

“We all have big orders, we are preparing to do big jobs”

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, who said that the expectation of financing was always in the first place before, stated that the need for personnel and workers was the top priority.

Gülle said, “This is because we all have large orders in our hands. We are getting ready to do big things. We are moving to economies of scale. As in previous years, we are returning to larger-scale works instead of the logic of whether it is small and safe businesses. Because things like this happen to us now. We get big business. We miss out on jobs we can’t get. That’s why we see mergers and big investments in the sector. We are also proud of that.”

Turkey Is Expecting Historical Records in the Coming Months Too

Gülle added, “All of our industries are vibrant and active. Of course, there will be complications. 

If you work, it’s natural to have problems. As an export family, we choose to work through these issues. Because working and battling are fairly straightforward ways to overcome these problems. It is our responsibility to solve these issues and look forward with confidence. This is something I believe in. Our exporters give me this impression.

We see that we are going much higher on this road that we set as a 2 billion difference every month. We hope that we will see that we are running to a historical record in foreign trade figures in the following months.”

2022 Exports Are Expected to Go Above and Beyond the Set Target

The Turkish government has set a target of 250 billion dollars in exports for 2022, and the country is on track to meet that goal this year. But TİM President Gülle said, “2022 exports will exceed 250 billion dollars” and talked about raising the target to 300 billion dollars.

“The export family is our greatest asset. Our exporters are the ones who bring us to our goals, set export targets of hundreds of billions of dollars, achieve them and raise our country to the level of a prosperous society. We have underground wealth and surface wealth. But it is our entrepreneurs and businesses that put their souls into what they do that are our most essential and precious assets. This is our most important asset.

We are achieving our goals with technology, know-how, investment, growth, production, and employment. It will be a very important and meaningful year for us. I hope we will pay our debt to this republic and those who sacrificed their blood and lives while founding the republic, by realizing the 300 billion dollar target, in a way that will benefit their children and generations. And we all do this as an export family. We are proud of our exporters.”

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