Turkey’s Dried Fruit Exports Surge by 12.6% in 2021

Dried fruits are being consumed in every country in the world because of their nutritiousness and variability in usage. Dried fruits, which are rich in fiber, are known to aid digestion, ensure regular functioning of the kidneys, prevent atherosclerosis and regulate blood sugar levels. They also contain various vitamins that the body needs which are often lacking. Dried fruits can be eaten alone, used in desserts, especially in Middle-Eastern and Asian cuisine. They are even preferred by gourmets in meat dishes. Thanks to all these various uses and benefits, dried fruits are very popular around the world.

In fact, Turkey is one of the world’s leading countries in dry fruit consumption. Because of this and its geographical location, Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world in the export of dried fruits. In 2021, Turkey’s share of the market increased by 21% with exports amounting to $1.5 billion, an increase of about 13% compared to the previous year. Turkey exports dried fruits, especially raisins, dried apricots, and dried figs. Here are the figures on dried fruits exported by Turkey and statistical information about the countries where exports are made.

Dried Figs, Apricots, and Raisins Constitute the Main Products of Exports

Dried figs, apricots and raisins form the main exportation of dried fruits in Turkey. These three products constitute 1 billion 39 million dollars of exports of 1 billion 574 million dollars. When we look at these products one by one, the number of dried figs exported in 2021 amounted to 263 million dollars. The export growth rate in dried figs was 11%. Dry apricot exports increased by 31% to $348 million. When we look at raisin exports, we see that raisins reached 427 million dollars in 2021.

Top Two Exporting Regions: Aegean and Southeastern Anatolia Regions

The two regions that export the most dried fruits are the Aegean and Southeastern Anatolia regions. 95% of raisins are exported from the Aegean region. This is mainly because of Aegean’s climate, fertile lands and the local people who make a living from the production and drying of fruits and vegetables. South-Eastern Anatolia region also met approximately 21% of total exports with $326 million in dried fruit exports.

What are the Export Figures for Other Dried Fruits?

Turkey’s geographical location enables it to produce many different dry fruits, therefore other dried fruits are being exported as well. In 2021, apple exports amounted to $9 million and prune exports amounted to $2 million. Strawberry, sour cherry, cherry and pear are other important export products in Turkey. Nearly 60 countries, mainly the USA, Germany, Netherlands and England, import different dried fruits from Turkey. Turkey exported other dry fruits as well as these ones, reaching a total of 80 million dollars.

What are the Export Figures Based on Countries?

Turkey exported dried figs to a total of 112 countries. Germany with $37 million in dried fig exports, France with $36 million, and the United States with $34 million are among the countries Turkey exports the most. Raisin exports reached 101 countries with 81%, the most exports were made to European countries. Targets for 2022 and 2023 have also been set, taking into account the situations in the sector. Turkey aims to export 1 billion 800 million dollars in dried fruits and products in 2022 and 2 billion dollars in 2023.

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