Turkey’s Tomato Exports Surge to $363M in 2021

Tomatoes are one of the main vegetables in the food industry today. Tomatoes have many different uses including frozen, canned, ketchup, tomato paste, pickles, raw and dry forms. Today, raw, tomato paste, and ketchup are the most preferred varieties at the global level. Turkey’s tomato exports in 2021, which is one of the top tomato producers in the world, increased compared to the previous year.

Tomato exports from Turkey in 2021 increased by about 16 percent compared to the previous year and reached 363 million 290 thousand dollars. Turkey has exported tomatoes to 54 countries in total. The steps and forecasts that the market will expand and that these figures will increase in 2022. Here is the production and export of tomatoes in Turkey and up-to-date data.

Turkey Is One of the World’s Leading Tomato Exporters

Looking at the data of the last three years, Turkey is one of the world’s leading tomato exporters. According to the analysis of the Agricultural Economy and Policy Development Institute Directorate (TEPGE), based on Trade Map data for 2020, a total of 7.7 million tons of exports and 7.2 million tons of imports were realized in tomatoes. Mexico ranks first in exports. After Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Morocco, and Turkey, respectively, are the most exporting countries. Turkey’s share of global tomato exports is 6.7%

Turkey’s Tomato Export Data

In 2021, Turkey exported a total of 363 million 290 thousand dollars’ worth of tomatoes to 54 different countries. Tomato’s export increased by about 16% compared to the previous year. The number of exported countries increased from 52 to 54. Russia was the country to which Turkey exports the most tomatoes with 68 million 14 thousand dollars. Russia is expected to increase its tomato import quota from Turkey from 300,000 tons in 2021 to 350,000 tons by 2022.

Romania imported the most tomatoes after Russia. Romania’s total imports are worth $58,337,000. Compared to 2020, Bulgaria was the country where Turkey experienced the highest increase in tomato exports. Turkey shipped 28 million 824 thousand dollars of tomatoes to Bulgaria in 2020. However, this amount grew to 40 million 962 thousand dollars in 2021, displaying a 42 percent raise.

The U.S. and Canada Tend to Be an Ever-Expanding Market Outside Europe

Turkey, which received strong demand from the U.S. and Canadian markets in 2021, aims to expand its market share by continuing exports to these countries in 2022. The U.S. and Canada have increased their purchases of tomatoes and peppers from Turkey on a large scale. With the increase in logistics activities for this market, more products are expected to be exported in 2022.

Tomato Production in Turkey

Tomato cultivation areas are usually concentrated in the western region of Turkey. Antalya, Manisa, and Bursa are seen as the leaders in the size of the land where the planting is carried out.  Antalya, Manisa, Bursa, and Izmir are among the provinces where the production rate is the highest. Apart from the western provinces, Konya and Tokat are the provinces where tomatoes are produced.

The problems faced by producers in tomato production are diesel, fertilizer, and heating processes in winter. Greenhouses and prolific production techniques made with emerging technologies are predicted to reduce costs in tomato production. In order to increase tomato production and quality in Turkey, it is planned to transform plastic and old greenhouses into greenhouses equipped with modern and smart technologies.

Tomato Producers Receive Various Incentives from the Turkish Government

Producers who have enrolled with the farmer registration system have received different production subsidies over the years. For growers who hold an individual good agricultural practices certificate, 15 TL diesel assistance per decare, 8 TL fertilizer support per decare, and finally, 50 TL good agricultural practices support per decare were supplied in 2020.

When looking at the agricultural support granted to tomato producers over the previous five years, it is seen that the overall support has grown by 88% from 2016 to 2020. Among the various types of assistance, diesel assistance has the largest share of incentives.

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