Basmati Rice

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Basmati rice is a type of rice nourished by the vitamin and mineral-rich rivers of the Himalayan Mountains. This variety of rice comes in brown and white. Basmati rice grows in the Punjab plain within the borders of India and Pakistan. This rice is grown in temperate areas and is harvested between November and January. Basmati rice has a distinctive fragrance.  The word basmati also means “perfume, perfumed” in Sanskrit. Basmati rice is a highly valued, high-quality, and long-grain rice variety. 

What Are The Characteristics of Basmati Rice?

Basmati rice has a distinct aroma when cooked. Rice grains do not stick together after cooking, therefore it remains soft even when cold. It is also the only form of rice that can expand to twice its original size while cooking. Basmati rice is classified as a whole grain. Because it is a rare variety of rice, it has traditionally graced the tables of Southeast Asian aristocrats.

What Is the Difference Between Basmati Rice and Other Rice?

Although basmati rice is similar to jasmine rice, there are several distinctions. Basmati rice is longer, larger, and duller in color than other kinds of rice. Basmati rice has the lowest sugar content and twice the fiber content of other rice varieties. It is also regarded to be more nutritious and healthier. When compared to other kinds of rice, Basmati rice requires more water than the amount of water used during cooking.

Demand for Basmati Rice in the Market

Basmati rice is one of the most popular types of rice due to its excellent aroma and flavor attributes. This type of rice is often used in Iranian, Arabian, and Middle Eastern cuisines as well as Indian and Pakistani cuisines as it has gained popularity in recent years. Demand for basmati rice continues to climb for everyone in the supply chain, from farmers to consumers. Governments are making a lot of effort to address supply chain demands for basmati rice.

The majority of the tons of rice imported between 2022 and 2023 is known to be basmati rice. The United Kingdom has emerged as a significant importer of basmati rice. The Netherlands took second place behind the United Kingdom due to its high demand. The market for basmati rice is expected to increase in demand as a result of the rising consumption of aromatic rice.

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Min. Purc. Amt.

25 Tons

Product Type

Basmati Rice

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All Countries


India, Pakistan

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