All You Need to Know: Customs Procedures for Shipping from Turkey

Thanks to its wide range of products and fertile lands, Turkey is one of the places where many countries apply to buy their goods. In fact, Turkey is one of the top countries in means of exporting goods and it breaks numerous records each year. From clothing to fresh vegetables and fruits, Turkey produces lots of top-quality products every year. 

However, of course, as you may know, purchasing from abroad can bring some confusion within. It is a complicated process with lots of steps along the way. One of the most important of which is customs and customs procedures. That long yet the necessary process is something to be taken seriously, and as Turkish Goods we certainly do. Here is all you need to know about the customs procedures of shipping from Turkey. 

What Are Customs?

Goods and/or vehicles brought into or out of the customs territory of the Republic of Turkey are subject to certain procedures within the framework of customs regulations. In particular, when defining the transactions to which the goods will be subjected, all of these transactions are referred to as “clearance procedures”. 

In essence, the goods are subject to “customs treatment or use” under the customs supervision, as defined in the Customs Law. These operations include placing the goods under a customs procedure or placing them in a free zone. It also includes destroying them, re-exporting them, or releasing them to customs. The definition of customs transactions includes these transactions.

Furthermore, customs transactions can be different such as export, import, and placing goods under an internal or external processing procedure. Temporary importation, transit, and placing goods in a warehouse are also procedures that differ from each other. 

What are the Customs Procedures for Export?

Customs Declaration

Firstly, exports require a customs declaration. In the first step of the export customs procedures, it is a must to inform the Customs Administration that you will export goods from Turkey. Also, you need to provide the relevant information. This notification is called “customs declaration” in customs legislation. 

You use the customs declaration form when you notify the Customs Directorate in writing that there will be goods exported from Turkey. The customs declaration you fill out contains information such as the consignor and consignee’s company. In addition, it contains the value, customs tariff, origin, transportation, taxes payable if any, and documents accompanying the goods.

The BİLGE System

Secondly, the transactions go through the BİLGE system. The customs declaration form you use when making a customs declaration is completed electronically, not manually. Customs transactions are handled electronically using BİLGE software, which is an acronym for Computerized Customs Activities in Turkish. The BİLGE system is software that allows all customs transactions to be handled in real-time in a computer environment. It includes the entire process from the entry of goods to the customs area and exit. To log in to the BİLGE system, you need a user code and password and an electronic signature. You can get the BİLGE user code, which is a specially made and confidential code, at the nearest customs office.

You can use the terminals in the data entry halls of the customs directorates to submit a customs declaration through the BİLGE system. Or you can complete your customs declaration by connecting to the customs computer system via the internet. The information you provide in the electronic environment is transferred to the BİLGE system, the computer system of customs administrations.

The Process of Approval

Lastly, approval takes place. The customs declaration in the computer system consists of more than one screen. The declaration is recorded in the customs administration computer system. This happens after the required information is entered in all mandatory fields of the screens. The transfer of your customs declaration to the records of the customs office in this way is called “declaration entry”. The customs declaration entered in the BİLGE system is assigned a permanent registration number by the system. This number contains the last two digits of the current year, the customs code, the type of transaction as an import (IM) or export (EX) and the serial number of the registration.

The customs declaration information you created in the customs computer system is electronically transmitted to the relevant exporters’ association. Because the relevant exporters’ association’s approval is mandatory. After the approval by the exporters association, you can proceed with the customs procedures.

You will complete this step by entering all the information and details. Afterward, the Customs Directorate will verify the accuracy of the information you have provided. 

In certain cases, the Customs Directorate may wish to see and examine the exported goods. In carrying out your export customs procedures, you can take advantage of some of the facilities that have been developed to complete export transactions without wasting time and money at the customs office. For more detailed information on this topic, see the Single Window System and Authorized Economic Operator sections.

When the Customs Directorate has completed the verification of the customs declaration you have made for the goods to be exported, the goods are allowed to go abroad.

Don’t Get Lost in the Process

You may be considering importing products from Turkey but dread the process of finding suppliers and taking care of the customs procedures. You no longer have to deal with the process. Turkish Goods does not only provide high-quality products from Turkey to its customers but takes care of the entire process of import. Turkish Goods provides services to its customers from seven continents with its attentive staff working in 13 languages. 

We aim to help our customers with the complicated process of importing and exporting. With the guarantee of Turkish Goods, the customs procedures will be much easier! We approach every stage of our work with care and attention. We are working non-stop to take care of the necessary steps. Turkish Goods thoroughly inspects the customs procedures and aids you every other step of the way. Find everything you are looking for with the help of Turkish Goods and enjoy the privileges we offer to our partners. We make the entire process safe and seamless. You can contact Turkish Goods to learn more about the services we offer, the process and the globally unique wholesale prices.

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