Big Export of $2.2B from the Central Black Sea Region

The Central Black Sea Customs and Foreign Trade Regional Manager Ersin Başaran published a statement. The Russian Federation had the largest export and import from their regions’ provinces last year.

Başaran announced this year’s topic in a written statement on the occasion of World Customs Day. The topic was “Increasing digital transformation in customs by adopting data culture and developing a data ecosystem”. The occasion is marked with a different theme every year.

According to the statement, the Ministry of Trade has advanced digital transformation processes since 2000. They introduced applications based on automation and innovative technologies. They collaborated with all stakeholders in supply chains to expedite and secure customs procedures. All customs services, according to Başaran, are based on computerized systems that simplify commerce. They place an emphasis on applications that make trade safer.

Technology Making Trade Safer and Easier

Başaran went on to say that all customs services are based on electronic systems and applications that make trading easier and safer. He continued his statement.

“Computerized Customs Activities Program (BILGE), paperless declaration and e-Invoice application in export transactions, e-Tender system for the sale of smuggled and liquidated goods, and Single Window System created to transmit the permissions granted by public institutions in an electronic environment are all being used effectively.” According to the statement, there are eight customs directorates. One smuggling and intelligence directorate, one liquidation management directorate and one legal services directorate. In addition, there is one product safety inspection directorate, one foreign trade transactions directorate, and one personnel directorate. They are located in Ordu, Sinop, Kastamonu, Çorum, Amasya, and Tokat.

“In 2021, our connected administrations generated a total of 2 billion 225 million 767 thousand 790 dollars in exports. And 2 billion 937 million 555 thousand 417 dollars in imports. 2 billion 66 million 214 thousand 279 dollars was generated in 2021, according to our Regional Directorate’s relationships. Customs procedures were completed for 5 thousand 858 jewels, 13 thousand 493 trucks, 1507 flights, 211 thousand passengers, and 102 thousand TEU containers.”

In 2021, Samsun, Ordu, Sinop, Kastamonu, Çorum, Amasya, and Tokat provinces realized exports of 2 billion 225 million 767 thousand 790 dollars. They also realized imports of 2 billion 937 million 555 thousand 417 dollars.

A Detailed Look at the Exports

“The first three most exported products were fresh fruit and vegetables worth 706 million 274 thousand dollars. Billets and construction iron for 385 million 577 thousand 500 dollars, and copper concentrate worth 294 million 830 thousand 390 dollars. The top three most imported products total $583 million 192 thousand dollars. Wheat was worth 195 dollars, metal scrap was for 496 million 220 thousand 331 dollars, and diesel oil was worth 391 million 188 thousand 588 dollars.”

“Exports to the Russian Federation came in first, with 735 million 530 thousand 647 dollars. The Russian Federation accounted for the majority of imports, at 1 billion 331 million 711 thousand 14 dollars. Ukraine, Denmark, Belgium, and Morocco were the countries that came in second, third, and fourth, respectively. To expand our country’s and region’s exports, new investments are required. It has been determined that branding should be prioritized by providing high-value-added informatics, software, defense, and medical products.”

Başaran also stated that the Disposal Operations Directorate sold 214 vehicles and 113 items of miscellaneous goods with 606 electronic tenders. It resulted in a revenue of 25 million 654 thousand 925 liras. He added that the Product Safety Inspection Directorate seized 3 million 648 thousand 384 liras worth of smuggled goods in 21 incidents. Also, the Product Safety Inspection Directorate seized 488 imports as well as export quality assurance.

Samsun Customs Directorate Made 94% of the Transactions

When the transactions between the customs administrations connecting to the regional directorate are evaluated, Başaran stated that the Samsun Customs Directorate made 94 percent of the transactions. The Samsun Customs Directorate’s 2021 exports were 2 billion 10 million 194 thousand 339 dollars, and the imports were 2 billion 834 million 19 thousand 775 dollars.

According to the report, new investments are needed to increase exports. In fact, high-value-added information, software, defense, and medical products should be prioritized. Branding, particularly in Samsun, land, sea, air, and railway connections, organized industrial zones and free zones should also be prioritized. Raw material production and industrial facilities, food products produced in the Çarşamba and Bafra plains and other provinces, and a qualified workforce are other priorities.

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