Tomato Exports Surge to 54 Countries from Türkiye

According to the information provided by the Southeastern Anatolia Exporters’ Association, tomato exports from Türkiye surged in 2022. Tomato exports increased by approximately 4% compared to 2021, reaching $377 million 418 thousand. In 2022, Türkiye exported 526,703 tonnes of tomatoes to 54 countries. These countries include Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany, England, Czechia, Switzerland, Spain, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Poland, and Malaysia. The Southeastern Anatolia Exporters’ Association increased the export value by approximately 4% compared to last year by providing a foreign currency inflow of 377 million 418 thousand dollars from tomatoes in 2022.

Romania Rank First in Tomato Exports

Romania is one of the countries to which Türkiye exports the most tomatoes. In 2022, 65 million 228 thousand dollars worth of tomatoes were exported from Türkiye to Romania. In addition, Ukraine ranks second in tomato exports, and tomatoes worth 45 million 320 thousand dollars were exported from Türkiye to Ukraine. Finally, Bulgaria, which ranks third, imported tomatoes worth 38 million 113 thousand dollars from Türkiye.

Tomato Exports to Balkan Countries Increased

Müslüm Yanmaz, President of the Greenhouse Investors and Producers Association, announced that the increase in tomato exports compared to the previous year is pleasing. 

Yanmaz added the following to his words, “In the past years, exports to the Russian Federation were by far ahead and while exports to Russia were close to 200 million dollars every year, a decline in export values was observed in 2022. However, the increase in exports and exports to Balkan countries compensated for the decrease in Russia.”

Considerable Increase in Tomato Exports to European Countries

President Müslüm Yanmaz made substantial statements about tomato exports to European countries. In Yanmaz’s evaluations, he stated that cluster tomato is a great-demand product in the European market. In addition, he announced that the target set for tomato exports in 2023 is 500 million dollars. 

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